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Be Entrepreneur to Create Entrepreneurs

Start a Digital Marketing Institute as a Franchisee Partner

Let’s Join Hands & Grow

Investment Required – 7 to 9 Lacs

Projected Revenue – 5 to 7 Lacs Monthly

What is Franchisee?

The franchisee is a Business Entrepreneur who joins hands with a company having a proven Business Process and Profitable ROI Model to scale it further and create multiple business points for business expansion.

A Franchisee is a Businessman who invests money and gets the right to sell the franchisor’s goods or services under the existing business model and well-set trademark.

The Haryana School of Digital Marketing (HSDM) offers a proposal for opening a franchisee Digital Marketing Institute.

Benefits of starting a franchisee

  • Profitable Business Model
  • Scalable Business Model
  • Booming Sector
  • Industry Ready Course Structure
  • Amazing Placement Facility
  • Good Return on Investment
  • Huge Business Potential
  • Minimum Investment Required
  • No Legal obligations
  • No, any affiliation required
  • Always growing business model

How much a franchisee needs to invest to start an institute?

As you know to earn money, first, we have to invest money. So every business needs a bit of money to start, survive, and expand any new or existing business.

Actually, it depends upon various factors like:

  • Your Locality
  • Competitors Presence
  • Other Institutions in your Area
  • Location of Proposed Institute
  • Your Personal Relations
  • Your Supporters
  • Your vision and mission about the business
  • The Work Culture you want to  create

Basic facilities required in the institute.

  • A Premise of Approx. 300 to 400 Sq. Yards of Area.
  • Office/ Admin Furniture
    • Students Furniture
    • Lecture Stand
    • CCTV Surveillance 
    • Drinking-Water Facility
    • Washroom Facility
    • White Board
    • 2 Laptops
    • Reception Desktop/ Laptop
    • Proper Ventilated and Lighted Class Room


    What is the complete process of signing as a franchisee?

    A Question at its heaviest side. However, do not worry we are there behind you always from the start.

    A very simple process of signing a contract on stamp paper with mutually agreed terms of business operations and obligations.

    You start the institution opening process and developing the institution.

    We help and train the teachers as per the curriculum which will be taught to the students.

    Finally, A Happy you, happy we and happy Students Great Isn’t?

    How much can you earn?

    As you know, every business has a huge earning potential. That depends upon the efforts which a business entrepreneur makes to be profitable more and more.

    As such, there is no upper capping but we should have a clear idea about the lowest level. We can ensure you about 5 to 7 lacs of net profit per month if you follow our proven techniques of running a successful Digital Marketing Institute in your area.

    Why is HSDM the best as a franchisee partner business?

    These are the USP of our Business Model, which ensures your success with the highest return on investment.

    • Expert Guidance
    • Proven Business Model of Highest Return on Investment
    • Well established brand name in this industry

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