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#1 Institute For The Best Graphic Designing Course In Hisar – Expert Training

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graphic designing course in hisar

Have you been looking for the best graphic designing course in Hisar? Well, we have got you covered. In this blog, we have included all the essential details about the best graphic designing course in Hisar to get you started with your career in graphic designing.

Before we get started with the details of the best graphic designing course in Hisar, let us first understand graphic designing and graphic designing as a career.

Graphic designing is an art form in which professional creators use textual or visual content to communicate with the audience. We often use graphic design to communicate ideas by applying visuals to optimise the user experience.

When thinking about graphic designing, what comes to our minds first are: appealing web pages, artistic advertisements, and aesthetically superior spreads in fancy magazines. But in broader terms, graphic designing comprises many other things such as logos, business, etc. 

Now, the question comes if graphic designing is a promising career or not; let’s get to know more about this.

Graphic Designing As A Career

Graphic designing is indeed an excellent career for those people who are creative thinkers and enjoy technology, art, and communication. Every industry needs designs, so graphic designers have many opportunities to take on various exciting and new projects. Also, it can be a very fulfilling career as graphic designers can make a real-world impact with their work.

Undoubtedly, Graphic designing is an important marketing tool, so as a designer, you can add value to many workplaces. However, the demand for graphic designers is expected to increase as more companies and brands continue to increase their online presence. 

Pros Of Opting for Graphic Designing Course In Hisar

  • A graphic designing career offers you the liberty to express imagination and creativity.
  • Graphic designers are in high demand in many industries. You get to share your work online, which opens up endless opportunities for you.
  • Being in the design industry, you can learn new skills and techniques daily. You won’t feel that the job is monotonous.

Now that you know that opting for a graphic designing course in Hisar can be a great career choice, it is extremely important to choose the right one for you. But, you shouldn’t be worried about this as the institute mentioned below is the best place to learn your graphic designing course in Hisar.

#1 Graphic Designing Course in Hisar

Here we listed the best Graphic Designing Institute in Hisar, where w you can learn advanced Graphic Designing skills from experts.

Name of Institute Haryana School of Digital Marketing
Website hsdm.in
Course Name Advanced Graphic Designing 
Fees  20K
Duration 5 Months
Address Frist Floor, SCO 36P Sector 14 Hisar

Haryana School Of Digital Marketing

hsdm logo

Haryana School of Digital Marketing, also known as HSDM, is one of the most prestigious digital marketing institutes and provides the best Graphic design course In Hisar, synonymous with high-quality conceptual learning experiences.

Founded and run by Dinesh Jangid, who is well-known as one of the best SEO and digital marketing experts in India, HSDM has become the best digital marketing and graphic training institute in Hisar, with an exceptional placement record with more than four years of institutional success. 

The exhaustive course module by the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing is specially designed for easy and practical learning to gain comprehensive knowledge. It focuses on offering conceptual understanding through the latest tools, techniques, and strategies to make the students technically learn the necessary market skills to reach the peak of their professions as highly successful digital marketing professionals.

HSDM’s exciting interactive sessions and hands-on learning through live projects help its students sharpen their graphic designing armour for a successful career ahead as top-notch graphic designing experts.

The teaching method offered by HSDM is the best in class digital marketing training with a valuable learning experience. They keep the maximum batch size of 10 students, facilitating 1-on-1 mentorship for better learning and problem-solving abilities, making the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing the best Graphic designing course In Hisar.

The faculty here is highly experienced, reputed, qualified, and friendly. Proper guidance helps students explore skills and talents in the right direction to brighten their future career paths and transform them into market-ready digital marketing professionals.

NOTE: Along with Graphic Designing, the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing also provides other skill courses, such as  Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, SMM, and many more.

Course Highlights

  • Weekly test
  • Career Guidance
  • Practical Training
  • Weekly PPT session
  • Extra Doubt Classes 
  • Interview Preparation
  • 100% Job Placement
  • Live Classes 
  • Free Paid Tools  
  • Live Projects and Industrial Case Studies 
  • 1-month course duration
  • Paid internship

Skills You Will Develop After Graphic Designing Course In Hisar

  • An Inner Eye for Design
  • Colour and Visual judgement
  • Project-based design aesthetics
  • Image editing, creating, cropping and effects
  • Creating customised vector graphics
  • Layout design of industry-oriented graphic products

Course Syllabus

These are the following modules covered in the graphic designing course syllabus by the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing.

Module 1 – Design Aesthetics
  •  Types of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Colour theory 
  • The science of colour
  • Colour Perception and Human Responses 
  • Colour interaction and effects 
  • Colour in design principles 
  • Use of colour in Design 
  • Colours and printing 
  • What is logo
  • Types of logo 
  • A short history of logo design 
  • What makes a good logo
  • The logo design process
  • Rules to follow
  • Logo Construction 
  • Corporate identity 
  • Technical terms of typography 
  • Types of fonts
  • Font selection in Design
  • Rules to follow in typography 
Module 2 – Adobe Photoshop
  • Introduction of Photoshop
  • Tools and Properties
  • Image Manipulation
  • Working with Layers
  • Working with Special Photoshop Effects
  • Typography Effects
  • Photoshop Filters
  • Advertisement Materials
  • Working with Brushes, Patterns, Etc.
Module 3 – Adobe Illustrator
  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Creating Graphics in Illustrator
  • Tools, Properties and Work Areas
  • Typography Effects
  • Masking Effects
  • Playing With Text
  • Branding Stuff
Module 4 – Premiere Pro
Section 1 Interview: Syncing, Multi cams, Editing Audio & Video 
  • Syncing clips 
  • Creating the Multicam 
  • Using a different audio track 
  • Editing audio & video Adding text 
  • Adding a Dip to Black transition 
  • Adding background music & adjusting the audio 
  • Clip Color Correction using effects 
Section 2 Recipe How-to Video 
  • Learn to speed up and freeze-frame footage 
  • Add graphic element overlays
Section 3 Stop-motion Loop 
  • Time-out object animation photography 
  • Add colour effects 
  • Importing still images at short durations 
  • Creating a loop in Premiere 
  • Nesting sequences within one another 
  • Exporting GIFs
Section 4 Music Video 
  • Editing video clips to music 
  • Adding dynamic transitions 
  • Speed-ramping footage 
  • Using colour filters and effects to enhance footage 
  • Working with Mattes 
  • Output for Instagram

Trainer For Your Graphic Designing Course In Hisar

At Haryana School Of Digital Marketing, you will get your graphic designing training from industry professionals with years of hands-on experience. So, you will be trained by one of the best graphic designers in Hisar, Mr Pankaj Jangid, with more than four years of experience in this field. Also, he has authentically trained 1000+ successful students in Graphic Designing.

Why You Should Choose HSDM For Graphic Designing Course In Hisar

The Graphic Designing Course by HSDM comes with 100% guaranteed placement aside from providing an excellent learning environment for students due to its advanced facilities with extracurricular activities and industry exposure. So, the students looking to make their career in graphic designing can join HSDM for the best graphic designing course in Hisar.

Course Duration And Fees

The duration of the best graphic designing course in Hisar by HSDM will be one month, in which all the modules mentioned above will be covered thoroughly. And the payable amount for this duration is going to be INR 10,000.

Contact Details

Address: 1st Floor, Sco 36p, Sector 14 Pocket A, Hisar, Haryana 125001

Phone Number: 9509269864

Website: hsdm.in

Email: hsdm@gmail.com


With this blog, it might be clear that opting for the best graphic designing course in Hisar will help you improve your graphic designing abilities and kickstart your career in this field. Being a Graphic Designer can bring you reputed job opportunities with higher salary packages. To be a professional Graphic Designer, you must learn various skills. Going for the best Graphic Designing Course In Hisar can be the first step in this journey of learning these skills perfectly. 

We hope you had a great time reading the blog. If you have any questions, reviews, or comments, please leave them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


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