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An Ultimate YouTube Guide For Beginners In India – 2023

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youtube guide for beginners in india

With the continuous rise in the video blogging culture, it is entirely understandable for any tech-savvy adult wanting to learn how to start a YouTube channel. Well, if you are one of them, this is the right place to be. Here, we present an ultimate YouTube guide for beginners in India that will help you learn how to start your channel and grow your brand on YouTube.

Now, let’s find out why this video platform is so popular and fun to use. 

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, with 14.4 billion visits per month, more than Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Amazon. And the growing audience on YouTube makes it a must to master for any marketer. 

Wondering how to get started on this booming platform? Make sure you stick to this post till the end to learn the most helpful tips in this ultimate YouTube guide for beginners in India. 

After all, YouTube is a fun and interactive hobby with the potential to turn you into a popular online personality. It also offers you additional benefits such as meeting new people, getting free stuff from various brands, and, obviously, earning a pretty impressive income. 

But if you want to become a success story on YouTube, gain an increase in followers, or publish content that can get you a good number of views and likes, then you are required to do much more than just become a contributing member on YouTube. 

The most viewed channels on YouTube target their content and posts by considering a few key criteria in mind. And few things that are essential to rank among the fastest-growing YouTube channels are paying attention to your audience, process, analytics, and SEO

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure you make the most out of your startup in content creation and vlogging. 

Let us first learn how to set up a YouTube channel before moving on with the YouTube guide for beginners.

How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel?

It is straightforward to set up a YouTube channel. You will require a Gmail account to get started, and it would help if you already have one, as it will allow you to connect your new YouTube channel with your email address. Check out the following steps to know more.

  • Sign in to YouTube
  • Click your picture in the top right corner of your desktop.
  • Select “Create a Channel”
  • Now, choose if you want to continue with the name associated with your email address or create a custom name for your channel.
  • Add details in the “about” section.
  • Customize the visual of your channel with a profile picture and cover photo. 
  • Upload your first video

What else you can do is fill out your profile with more details, add playlists, customize your YouTube channel account settings, and link to other social media accounts to enhance your channel. 

Most Helpful Tips To Start A Successful YouTube Career – YouTube Guide For Beginners

Now that you have created and set up your YouTube account, it is time to lay the foundation to create a successful channel. It is vital to understand a few steps as a beginner, or you may waste a lot of time and money. 

Let’s get started with the tips in the ultimate YouTube Guide for beginners. 

Develop A Clear Vision

A YouTube channel with a clear focus is easier to subscribe to than one that appears to be doing many different things. Make sure you have a strong vision in your mind before you start creating content. 

It will help if you choose something relatable, engaging, and valuable to your target audience. You can offer different kinds of videos on your channel, but they should all be relevant to your viewers. 

Set Up A Brand Account

You will want to have a brand account to use YouTube professionally. Brand accounts offer features you can’t use with a personal account. For example, with the brand account, you can access valuable audience data through Youtube Analytics. Also, you will be able to collaborate with other team members. 

Create A Strong Visual Identity

Next, it is important to make your account look professional and polished. 

You may add a channel icon to represent your brand, such as a logo. Additionally, you may complement it with an impressive and appealing banner image. And to avoid any stretching, you must follow YouTube’s recommended image dimensions. 

Also, it is suggested to preview your channel on multiple devices to analyze that everything looks good. 

Write A Compelling Channel Description

Always fill in your “About” section, as this is the first place your potential subscribers will go to learn more about your brand. You may start by briefly describing your channel and then front-loading important information and relevant keywords to make your YouTube channel more discoverable. 

Add Contact Information

YouTube is all about creating connections. You should ensure people can easily find your company’s contact information. It will make it simpler for you to build relationships with your fans. 

You can connect your other social media platforms to your YouTube channel banner. Additionally, you can include other contact info, such as your email address, in your about section. You may also find some YouTubers that have even added a P.O. box address for fan mails. 

Verify Your Account

This step is essential as verification is the key. Only verified accounts can post videos longer than 15 minutes. And when you are verified, it also lets you create custom thumbnails.

The verification process is very simple. You just need to fill in your country and phone number at https://www.youtube.com/verify.

Check Out Your Competitors

Out of all the tips shared for growing your YouTube channel, competitor research is the most valuable one. Start looking out for the creators in your niche and spend some time on their channels. Spend time watching their content, reading their descriptions, and checking out who their subscribers are. 

And as you browse, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of videos gets the most engagement or views, likes, and comments?
  • What keywords does the content creator include in the description to describe the content?
  • What editing software and tools are they using?
  • How do they respond to negative comments?
  • How do they encourage subscriptions?

And when you get answers to these questions, use them to plan your own content. Build your strategy using ideas that work well and avoid the ones that don’t. 

Set A Consistent Schedule

Think of your YouTube channel as a T.V. show. It would help to plan to post at the same time each day, week, or month. If you do this, viewers will know when to return for more. 

While you make a plan, simply keep these vlogging tips in your mind:

  • Be Consistent – Publish your videos daily or weekly, such as Tuesday mornings or Friday afternoons. 
  • Post Often – The search Ranking Algorithm by YouTube prioritizes channels that post frequently. Make a goal to post 3 or more times a week if you can.
  • Be Realistic – If your schedule is too ambitious, you won’t be able to sustain yourself on YouTube. Make sure you can reach your goals and keep creating high-quality content. 
  • Allow Some Flexibility – If something exciting hits timely, don’t feel scared to go off schedule and share the news.
  • Space Out Your Content is better than publishing it all at once. 
  • Consider Time Zones – Check out whether your subscribers are based on which time zone or if you have international fans. Choose a particular time when your target audience is awake and active.
  • Share Your Schedule – It is also good to add your schedule to your about section and channel trailer. You can also promote it in your channel artwork. 

Create A Content Calendar

Developing and creating a schedule is one thing and sticking to it is another. 

Create a simple content calendar to ensure you have enough fresh content each week. You can schedule creative ideas for YouTube and other social media platforms you manage. 

Also, reference your content calendar often. These can be a great way to understand what kind of videos perform best and when.

Be Selective

You will find many YouTube tricks to get more views for your videos but being selective about your content is the most important one. The following tips can help you at its best:

  •  Make sure you edit your videos carefully before you post anything
  • Review all your footage, cutting out any dull moments. 
  • Avoid awkward poses and unprofessional-looking shots. 
  • Make every second count to keep your target audiences engaged. 

Editing your videos is more than the viewer experience as it affects your search rankings also. And the reason behind it is that YouTube’s algorithm favors videos having a high watch time. The longer you can get your fans interested and involved in your content, the more discoverable it will be. 

Save Content For A Rainy Day

Life is busy and uncertain, and it takes time to create high-quality content. Sometimes, there will be days or weeks when you won’t get time to produce new content.

Therefore, here you can help yourself by creating extra videos in advance. And you can do this by sticking to the evergreen content rather than trending topics because it won’t matter when you publish them. 

Make Your Videos Clickable

Every day, more than a billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube, and standing out from the crowd is not really easy. 

Fortunately, you can use many YouTube tricks to attract more audiences. A few of them are listed below:

  • Create Custom Thumbnails – The first part of your video that the audience notices is the thumbnail of your YouTube video. Although YouTube automatically generates thumbnails when you post, these often fail. Instead, you can create attractive and eye-catching graphics to highlight your content. 
  • Craft Compelling Descriptions – Your YouTube video description should be compelling and impressive. You must include the most important information right up front so people can see it first. To do this, make the most of your YouTube video descriptions by adding keywords, hashtags, and more.
  • Optimize Your Title – Your title should be short and punchy. Give viewers a real reason to click your video through the title, and they will. And the best tips you can use are to solve a problem, spark curiosity or make someone laugh.

Build Playlists

More than 70% of the time on YouTube is spent watching recommendations driven by artificial intelligence or algorithms. And making sure that your content cuts are one of the most helpful and important YouTube tips. 

That is where playlists play an essential role. If you create playlists, they keep the viewers engaged and moving from one video to another, boosting the watch time. And according to the algorithm, they can simply help you improve your videos’ performance. 

Additionally, creating playlists also helps users find more of your content. And it is a great way to encourage YouTube subscriptions.

Cross Promote

Lastly, don’t forget to share your hard work with the world. 

There are multiple free ways to promote your content or channel. And sharing your content on social media is one of the easiest and most effective. It is because the YouTube algorithm prioritizes traffic from outside. And you can boost your video’s discoverability by getting clicks from Facebook or Twitter. 

Each time to post new content, promote it. Share updates on your social media channels and your blog, website, or newsletter. And to keep things fresh, make sure you craft a unique message for each platform. 

How Much Does It Cost To Start A YouTube Channel In 2023?

Check out this section of the YouTube guide for beginners to know how much it costs to start a YouTube channel.

It is entirely free to create a YouTube channel. The part that can add to the cost is when you start creating content for your channel. Even if you are creating simple daily life vlogs, unboxing videos, or shooting on your webcam to do movie reviews, you will still require a few essential pieces of equipment.

Here is the list of equipment that can help you grow a successful Youtube channel:

  • Computer with a webcam and microphone
  • A smartphone or other external camera to record content
  • Editing softwares that make your content creation easier when you assemble videos
  • A well-designed and clean station for recording and working.

Is Starting A YouTube Channel Worth It?

In this section of the YouTube guide for beginners, you will know whether starting a YouTube channel is worth it. Know more.

Starting a YouTube channel might seem daunting initially, but it is one of the best ways to have an engaged and thriving audience to grow your following as a content creator. 

In short, the answer is yes. It is entirely worth it to start a YouTube channel if you can get your audience engaged with unique content. Just follow the following tips to help yourself.

Do the Work

Keep in mind that large companies and organizations have multiple team members working hard to develop YouTube channel ideas, record new content, edit videos, focus on creating titles, thumbnails, and keywords, and manage the monetization process. Doing all of that by yourself is a lot of work. Don’t feel intimidated. 

Start Small

The most significant step to follow to grow into a successful YouTube channel is creating great content. If your content is original, informative, and entertaining, it is an excellent start toward YouTube channel success. If you feel overwhelmed by the process, just take it slow, one step at a time. 

Take Your Time

Take your time to make sure that you are creating your videos and managing your content in the most effective way possible so you can launch it successfully. It is always better to have polished content that takes a little longer to complete than to push unpolished or unfinished content out to your audience. 

Create Real Value For Your Viewers

Your primary focus and aim should be to create functional and helpful videos. Creating content that appeals to your existing audience will help you to attract new viewers. 

Over time, the process will be smoother and feel like second nature, and you will have a thriving YouTube presence. 


With this ultimate YouTube guide for beginners in India, you might have understood that starting a YouTube channel can lead to a successful content creator career. Starting a YouTube channel in this growing digital era is entirely worth it. So, what are you guys waiting for? 

Start your YouTube channel and walk towards your dream of being a successful content creator. Make sure you follow all the above mentioned tips to grow your brand on YouTube. This is all in this ultimate YouTube guide for beginners in India – 2023.

We hope that the article is valuable to you. If you have any queries or reviews about the blog, feel free to leave a comment below. We will be more than happy to respond. 


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