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Digital Marketing Course for 12 Students

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Digital Marketing Course for 12 Students

What is the best course for 12 pass students? 

Asking every senior and taking advice from people which industry suits your interest? 

What are the eligible courses which we can pursue after 12?

Wandering here and there for the best advice? Lemme take you to the next world where exactly you’ll be getting all your answers.

Have you ever heard of the word digital marketing? I guarantee 95% of the students reading here will know about this. Students who had seen this covid situation of years 2020 and 2021 must have dropped this word in their ear once. 

Thus, let’s look at a digital marketing course for 12 students.

What Exactly is digital marketing? 

As the name only defines its meaning, it is a type of marketing that has evolved in this digitalized world. People now avoid physical contact and want everything online while sitting at their place.

It means marketing which is done with the help of the internet that is called digital marketing. You can now avail yourself and give the opportunities online. Being a freelancer you can provide your services to your clients.

It involves :

  • Web designing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO( search engine optimization)
  • SMM( social media marketing)
  • E-commerce
  • Email marketing
  • Graphic designing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google and Facebook ads

and many more. This industry has a very wide scope in the present and the upcoming era. As you all know everything is shifted to an online platform and there is no chance that it will go back to the physical world

Involving the “tech” in your skills means grabbing quality skills that will be helping you in every field and thus digital making the best course for 12 pass students.

Why waste time for 2-3 months while waiting for admission to colleges? Go and start enhancing your skills right now. This course duration is for 3-4 months and this is the best time to grab it.

Advantages of choosing the Digital Marketing Course for 12 Students 

In choosing a digital marketing course, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Wide scope: The scope of the Digital Marketing Course for 12 Students is not limited to this industry. You can use this in any industry which involves many modules such as graphic designing, web designing, email marketing, etc. as told before.
  • Salary: It provides you the salary in lakhs once you become an expert in this. And I must tell you this course has been included in the list of top-rated courses in terms of salary.

And becoming a freelancer in this can give you a 5 digit starting income.

  • Tech involvement: The best thing about this course is having technology involvement. This technology has made people used to it and no work is done with tech nowadays. Even dresses are made in such a way that uses the technology in them.
  • Online earning source: There is no need to go physically somewhere and work 8-10 hours. You can do work from home and divide the time according to your schedule of working.
  1. Creative job:  It is a field that gives value to your creative designing. The new and unique you create, the more and flexible you can charge from them. If you are good at your creativity then in designing you can earn the best and make worth out of it.
  • No entrance exam: In this, you don’t need to give an entrance exam for pursuing this course. Just if you find your interest, the door is always open for you and you can enter it anytime. 

There are a number of advantages which are uncountable and hardly one person can find the disadvantage of choosing a digital marketing course.

Scope of digital marketing Course After 12 Arts, Commerce, Science Students 

In this present era where everything is being digitized, don’t you think of being updated in that field also? Almost everyone now gets to know about any brand or company through an online platform either through websites or through social media. After the Covid-19 the scope of digital marketing will grow.

  • Become a professional blogger: Now in 2021, every person wants to start blogging. With dedication and hard work, people start becoming professional bloggers by sharing their personal experiences in a specific field.
  • SEO expert: Gaining vast knowledge in the field of SEO and having practiced in this can make you an SEO expert. And SEO charges are damn so high which generally depends upon the keyword difficulty. Once you get to know about SEO then half of your syllabus in digital marketing is done of yours. This is what the value of this module is.
  • SEO consultant: You can also become an SEO consultant and guide students on how google works or depth study of google terms and conditions. This includes review, improving websites for the business owners.
  • Become a YouTuber: You can become a professional YouTuber and provide knowledge in any field. Make your audience on youtube and once you start getting subscribers and views you can monetize your youtube account.
  • Professional agency: If you have experience in managing businesses and having resources then you can start your own agency and make your own marketing strategies and implement them for your clients.
  • Being an affiliate marketer: You can earn by becoming an affiliate marketer. This can also be used as a passive income of yours just as people had started investing. Whether you will pursue your professional degree, this affiliate marketing can be done side by side just by giving 2-3 hours in a day. And this module is involved in a smart work category as you might not be earning that much in your professional life like what amount in this according to working hours. 
  • Earning resources as a student or professional: This field gives you an opportunity of working even after 12 as a studying student and also as when you will get into your business or job. That’s why the digital marketing course is included in the best course for 12 students.
  • Being a content writer: If you think you are good at writing then you can step into being a content writer. Making creative and unique content is also a demanding offer in the present era. So you can go into that and earn as much as you can with your great skills.
  • Email marketing expert: If you think you are great at attracting people by your words then you can become an email marketing expert. And further can train or guide people tips and tricks of performing it. This also plays an important role in your ads too. Content is not what makes you engaging, it’s the strategy that you make to influence people.
  • As a career: If you find that this industry is made for you then you can make a career out of it and go for higher studies. Choosing a module in which you think you have to grab sufficient knowledge then you can be a specialist in this and move further.

Note: We never recommend freshers to become a trainer because without experience teaching will be a nightmare for students.

The industry of digital marketing has enhanced more after these pandemic situations. And for students from my point of view digital marketing course best suits for 12 pass students by utilizing their best of their time.

Although this course has no eligibility criteria for performing. Any person can be enrolled in this if we take an example of a 7th class student or 12 pass till as an adult or as a housewife. There is no age limit to enroll in this.

Why Digital Marketing Course After 12th 

If you are a 12th pursuing or 12th passed student and planning to learn a digital marketing course in Hisar then it will be a better decision for you. Because digital marketing will be a better career option than others here is why

  1. Short Term Course: Here is the reason number one why digital marketing course after 12th, digital marketing is very short duration course. The duration of the course is 4-5 months. So, 12th passed students (Arts, Commerce, and Science) can take advantage of it and they can grab jobs in digital marketing soon.
  2. Easy to Start Career: Reason number two is digital marketing is easy to understand the course you do not need any technical knowledge before the join a digital marketing course in India. So, you can start your career very easily in internet marketing.
  3. Higher Income Sources: That is my favorite point that is a high-income source, yes guys you can earn a good amount of money by doing the job, blogging, make YouTube videos, making websites, freelancing, etc.
  4. Multiple Earning Way: Digital marketing is only a single field that has multiple earning sources like blogging, Youtube, Instagram, website designing, freelancing, affiliate marketing, selling one product, make your own e-commerce store.
  5. No Eligibility Required: To joining a digital marketing course there is no eligibility required. Everyone who has an interest can learn an internet marketing course.


After grabbing all information about digital marketing, what value do you see in this course?

That inner voice says all about my question. Yes!! This is the most worthable digital marketing course for 12 students. So guys, what are you waiting for to go and grab the course which provides you the best learning and practical knowledge about this?

And lastly don’t forget to comment on your answer whether you are influenced or not after reading this about digital marketing. 

 Hope you get the detailed information which you are searching for. And get to know the reason why this course is so highly rated. I don’t want you to miss out on such a great opportunity as this, so I have written a blog to provide you with thorough knowledge about the digital marketing course for 12 students.

If you find any query regarding this course, you can ask in your comments and our team will reach you asap.


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