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Want to change career or be a Master in the Digital Marketing Sector?
Jump onto our courses as we have selected some of the best Digital Marketing

course that best fits in your interests or preferences. Test out how we can assist you.

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We are adhering to the guidelines provided by the Health Department, Haryana Government and The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. And have been closely monitoring the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) for more update click here.

“We wish better health to everyone and we shall combat the situation together and emerge as a stronger community.”

Haryana School of Digital Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Course in Hisar


Digital Certificates

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Hubspot

In Class Training

We provide In class training to the student to Be the Master In Digital Marketing


Job Placement

We Provide 100% Placement Assistance

Want to change career or be a Master in the Digital Marketing Sector? Jump onto our courses as we have selected some of the best Digital Marketing course that best fits in your interests or preferences.Test out how we can assist you.We are “Best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar”.

Master In Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

HSDM Course is Designed For Mastering Digital Marketing Skills And Deliver best and Quality Training in Digital Marketing. This Course Offers Web Designing, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing ), PPC (Pay Per Click), and SMM (Social Media Marketing), etc. The Advanced Digital Marketing Course is Designed with Advance Corporate Technology Tools. To Make You the Master In The Field of Digital Marketing.

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What Would You Learn?

From Digital Marketing Course From HSDM

HSDM Course Covers 30+ Advanced Modules


Social Media Marketing




Lead Capturing




Email Marketing




Google Analytics



vdo marketing

Video Marketing

vdo edi

Video Editing

content mark

Content Marketing



Why To Learn Digital Marketing?

Untitled 4

Become A Freelancer

A Freelancer Can do work By Siting everywhere In The World.It is Also Called The Laptop Lifestyle. Earn Money By Sitting At Home or Traveling The World. Just With A Goal And Good Mindset You Can Achieve Millions Per months Just Setting At Home And Doing Freelancing Digital Marketing Projects.


Job Seeker

You Must Not Miss This Opportunities Because Digital Marketing is the Hottest skill Today. This industry is expected to generate more than 20 lakh jobs by the year 2020 In India Only.


Online Money Making

There is Unlimited Ways To Earn Money Online By Siting At Home. More Or Less It Depends On You How Much You Can Make It Possible with blogging, Affiliate marketing, drop shipping, YouTube etc.


Become A Entrepreneur

Hey, Do You Want To Become Entrepreneur.Digital Marketing Is Skill That Will Help You To become A Successful Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship Is Best Way to Achieve Money and famous. Digital Marketing Adds The Skills To be the Successful Entrepreneur. 


Grow Your Own Business

Digital Marketing Is The Way To Grow Business.Yes You Can Grow Or Built  Your Own Business.Digital Marketing Is The Best way To Make Your Business Get More Sales And Leads.


Become Web Analyst

A Web Analyst is The Person Analyzing the data about what works and what not and seeing what can be done to improve.Web Analyst Knows How To Read The Data And Reports Of Website and Social Media.A Web Analyst average salary of Rs 500000 per year.

Who Are We?

We are the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing. We are “Best Digital Marketing Institute In Hisar” in one brilliant creative blender.Haryana School Of Digital Marketing tenders to enhance the ability of digital specialists globally at a very large scale. We try to enhance the career of entrepreneurs and dealers and constantly enhancing the digital competencies scarcity to make certain that your business has capable and agile workers.We offer educators with specialists certifications that nurture future generations.We area worldwide one-forestall keep for increase answer inside the digital marketing area.we are remodelling the fashion of the digital marketing industry with our sheer expertise and ardour.

10 Reasons to Choose

Haryana School of Digital Marketing (HSDM)

Our Team From Delhi

Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid

Founder & CEO

9 Years of Experience in the Digital Marketing Industry as a Passionate Blogger, Trainer, and Consultant. Trained and Teach over a thousand plus students and corporate on  Marketing & Strategies.

Pankaj Jangid

Pankaj Jangid


4 Years Of Experience in the field of Digital Marketing And has expertise in Graphic Designing Also Co-Founder Of EdgeDigital media. He Started His job as a Graphic Design Trainer and an Entrepreneur in HSDM.

Adesh Saxena

Adesh Saxena

Corporate Trainer

He is the Founder Of @Devetol (Digital Marketing Agency).Trained hundreds of corporates on Internet Marketing strategies. He Has Experience Of 10+ Years In Digital Marketing.

Why Join Us?


Both Offline and Online Leaning

HSDM Haryana School of Digital Marketing Provides Both Offline and Online courses. This means you can Take Class Sitting any in the world and Also, Take Classroom Training offline at Our Institute.


Located in the Hisar , Haryana

We Are Located In Hisar, Haryana.


We Are Already a Digital Marketing Agency

Haryana School Of Digital Marketing Is The Venture Of Edge Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. and Located In New Delhi. Edge Digital Media is a Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, India.


World Class Educators

We Have Digital Marketing Industry Expert To Train You.

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At our doorsteps, we are obsessed with supplying progressive, particularly purposeful Digital marketing course in Hisar. We hold ourselves to the very best standards of knowledgeable excellence. Each student, regardless of the scale or scope of the courses, can assume not anything but the quality lessons on digital marketing courses from our expert coaches. Come, visit our Digital Marketing Institution In Hisar to discover the right course for you.

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Why Digital Marketing Course in Hisar, Haryana?

To explore today’s new world in your mind, Digital Marketing is a good platform.

Digital Marketing is a great short-term course which can help you to secure your future in this fast-growing and emerging world.

Digital Marketing is a skill to upgrading a new world of business and technologies. As per the new trends of people working as entrepreneurs, job seekers, finding new business ideas and other money-making ideas, Internet Marketing is the best platform to earn a healthy and lump sum amount of money in India as well as the whole world. There are several reasons why to choose a Digital Marketing course in Hisar, Haryana.

Now a day Digital Marketing is taking over traditional marketing, which is becoming trendy as well as more effective than the old and simple marketing strategy or techniques which is also very expensive, costly, time-consuming and less effective as compared to Digital marketing.

Digital MarketingTraditional Marketing
Fast ConversionSlow Conversion
FeedbackNo Feedback
Much EffectiveLess Effective
Less ExpensiveExpensive

But on the other side Digital Marketing which is trending, is one of the best techniques and tactics of the 21st century, which is the future of the world at a very effective rate with brilliant targeting of the public.

Why Choose Haryana School of Digital Marketing?

As per job and career-oriented Digital Marketing is one of the best courses in Hisar or over the Haryana for the job seekers adults as well as pursuing in school and colleges. Considering Digital Marketing as your lifetime career opportunity partner will definitely worth each and every one of you. Thinking about the side of placement in just 3 to 4 months anyone can easily be placed in a good company or work quite well as a freelancer by doing this Internet Marketing Training in Hisar.

Digital Marketing course in Hisar, Haryana will enhance your knowledge, ability, and skills. Showing a little bit of interest in Digital Marketing Training can make your life even better because this is one of the best platforms to prove anyone that you are the best.

Right Now, Digital Marketing is the fastest growing industry. After all, the internet is growing globally worldwide creating an ecosystem that has given millions of opportunities to the new generation with vast growth in this area which is named Digital Marketing. Haryana School of Digital Marketing allows you to prove yourself and helps you to open your minds and become a Digital Marketing expert. We will help you to create a skilled and knowledgeable Digital Marketer.

The benefit of Digital Marketing Training in Hisar, Haryana is that nobody needs any special degree and qualification or to crack any kind of exam to get admission in this digital marketing institute in Hisar, even fresher can also apply for admission in Digital Marketing made so easy at HSDM Hisar not only that whether male or female can easily get admission in this course.

Digital Marketing is not only a trend but also it is the future of the whole world.

Internet Marketing Training in Hisar helps you to create your own website which is accessed on the internet without any coding or other difficult techniques, with the help of our expert team, well trained and experienced staff help you learn how to write articles and post them on the internet which further you can earn outstanding revenue with the medium of internet.

Today’s world is full of internet and social media, to become famous on the internet people use different types of social media platform to gain name and fame and that’s why digital marketing course in Hisar is necessary for the people.

Digital Marketing also helps us to find new techniques to earn better and get higher revenue and income as compared to any other business which may be costly and less effective than Digital Marketing. Because of the easiest and user-friendly methods such as SEO and SEM.

Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar, Haryana provides the best ROI – Return on investment as compared to any other course of business because it lets you explore the world with better opportunities.

We deliver you the training of internet marketing and contribute you to the opportunity of creating your better future.


Salaries After Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

Did you notice anything? The work that should have been done after 4 years is happening today. Today everyone is taking their business online. Digital Marketing provides us with such facilities that we can connect our business with the whole world. If you are a student and looking for a modern and best career.

Then you can easily make a place in the digital marketing field. By 2021 digital marketing will have more 20 Lakhs jobs. You can take a minimum of 25000/- monthly salary after completing a digital marketing course in Hisar from Haryana School of Digital Marketing HSDM. 

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Recent Success Stories


Why Should I Join HSDM for a Digital Marketing Course in Hisar, Haryana?

To enroll in a digital marketing course in Hisar we just want to be fully satisfied with the institute and Haryana School of Digital Marketing provides you with more than enough points to be satisfied with them.  

First of all the faculty, where they teach in such a way that once you listened in the class properly you would not be having doubts most probably. Secondly, the environment provides you with a healthy environment which also affects our study. Furthermore, here the faculty is so dedicated to their students that you can have a direct talk about your doubts either face to face or online. They provide you with the comfortable environment that every student wants. 

Lastly, they show you real examples and share their personal experience in every field. This course knowledge has no end so sharing the advanced knowledge so you can become more advanced as compared to them shows the best policy of an institute. They also provide you with assistance and guidance for the future.

Who can join our digital marketing course?

You’ll be very excited to know that everyone can join our internet marketing course in Hisar. Yes, of course, you can also join it as this course does not have any eligibility criteria to enroll in it. You can learn the skills mentioned in this course anytime and anywhere. There is no age limit and no qualifications required. From a student while studying or a working professional to a 40 yr old man can pursue this course. To learn digital marketing you just require a laptop or a computer and obviously a secured internet network.

Is there any age limit required to learn digital marketing course in hisar?

The answer to your question is ‘No’. There is no age limit to enroll in this course. You can start enhancing your skill when you want to. Think of a person who is so well educated and is retired from his job and willing to do something while sitting then why say no to them. They are also human beings, they also need something to be engaged in some work. So they can also learn this skill and work from home without any physical involvement. After doing this you can do a job from where you feel comfortable.

And secondly, if we talk about the very early age, Children usually are so creative at that age and can learn many skills. In the present era, every child knows how to operate a laptop and is also willing to spend time on that. So why don’t we agree with them and engage them to learn Internet Marketing Course in Hisar? This will be like the icing on the cake.

Why is HSDM Hisar known as the best digital marketing institute in Haryana?

This is so because it provides you the advantages which no institute in a digital marketing course in Hisar provides you. Every institute teaches you the course but taking in-depth knowledge makes the difference. Making your doubts clear with the proper reason makes up the different understanding in that.

They provide a healthy environment to study and also provide you the room so that you can sit and practice there only, which can easily clear your doubts on the spot. No waiting for the next day for the clearance of your doubts. For comparing the best institute we have a look at the reviews and the ratings which you can see on their site for your self-satisfaction.

What is the duration of the Internet Marketing Course in Hisar, Haryana?

The duration of the online marketing course in Hisar is 3-4 months having classes 5-6 days a week. The duration is less but worth more. Generally, this is sufficient for students but if someone wants to make a professional career then this course also has further advanced courses if pursued in every field.

What certificates will I get after completing the Digital Marketing Course from HSDM Hisar?

After completing your digital marketing course in Hisar, you will get 12 certificates. 

Adwords Certification- 

To become Adwords Certified, you’ll need to pass the Adwords Fundamental exam and one more Adwords exam, HSDM will prepare and help you to clear all these exams.  

  •  Google Adwords Fundamental  
  •  Google Search Advertising  
  •  Google Video Advertising  
  •  Google Display Advertising   
  • Shopping Advertising  
  •  Mobile Advertising 

And, HubSpot Certification

  • HubSpot Inbound certification
  •  HubSpot Content Marketing certification 
  • HubSpot  Email Marketing certification
  •  Google Analytics Certification Google 
  • Digital Sales Certification
  •  Google Mobile Sites Certification
  •  Facebook Certification 
  • Twitter Certification 
  • Industry Recognized HSDM Certificate
Does HSDM provide the free demo classes?

HSDM is a very recognized institute for digital marketing course in Hisar, Haryana. It also provided you with free demo classes to make our client fully satisfied with our institute. Nowadays seeing the reviews or the ratings on the internet cannot give you the exact feedback.

You will be impressed only if you go once and see about the institute. And this is what this institute follows and provides you 2-3 day free demo classes for the students. If you also want to take a demo class then you can visit our site- hsdm.in and book your seat. For more info, you can directly contact them at the number mentioned on the website.

Will I Get a Job after doing an Internet Marketing Course from Hisar, Haryana?

Yes, of course. The duration of the digital marketing course in hisar might be small like language courses but I might tell you something which you had never listened about. This course is a skill development course which can take you somewhere you never believed about. Once you have a huge experience in your interested module then you can earn from it in any number you want. After this covid situation, this course had taken its very big place.
It’s not about the course from where you did the course, just requires experience in that field where you want a job. So it’s not an issue about the job you’ll foreshore get, just focus on making improvements in you.
And if you want to do a master’s then digital marketing course also has further advancement courses after the basics and also provides you to become a specialist in any module you are interested in.

How much can I start earning after completing a digital marketing course in hisar from HSDM?

About your earning income, it totally depends upon which type of job you are willing to go to. For example, if you want to go for website development then your starting salary will be up to 25000 to 30000 INR and if you are going in SEO then according to the keyword difficulty level you’ll be getting income starting from 20000 INR to 25000 INR.

Furthermore, if you go into a graphic designer one it depends upon your creativity level and what type of design they want. Lastly, if you are going in any other module mentioned in this course then your starting salary will be 10000 – 15000 INR. Slowly and gradually you’ll be getting a promotion in it.

Generally, it totally depends upon your caliber that how much knowledge you have in that field so guys focus on learning the things and join HSDM for a digital marketing Institute in Hisar.

Do HSDM Hisar provide Internship training for digital marketing courses

Yes, Haryana School of Digital Marketing provides 2 months of internship training after the completion of a digital marketing course according to your interest and the priority of your module. They provide you with the proper demo that you’ll get as a job. Once you get the experience it is easy to find the job as everyone requires an experienced guy to work for them.

Who will be your digital marketing trainer at HSDM?

HSDM provides you with an experienced and professional trainer for a digital marketing course in Hisar. They have a proper team in which the person who is an expert in a particular module will teach you that particular module and share their experience so that you can reach that level.

Here mainly Mr. Dinesh Jangid and Mr. Pankaj Jangid who will teach you almost the main parts of your course. Pankaj sir is having great experience in website designing, photoshop in all modules which require art and creativity, and Dinesh sir will teach you SEO, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, generating profitable ads, and more. If you want to contact them you can directly call them with the number mentioned on the website.

What are the different profiles in a digital marketing field?

Each module in a syllabus can be a profile in the digital marketing field. Even there can be different parts of that in which you are an expert. A person can be a website designer, SEO expert, social media handler, graphic designer, copywriter, affiliate marketer, email marketer, ads specialist, content writer, YouTuber, and many more.

You can choose the profile in which you are interested.

What tools HSDM provides in internet marketing course in hisar?

HSDM provides you free tools worth 25,550 INR absolutely FREE.

Tools are:

  1. WordPress Theme: INR 15000/
  2. Rank Math: INR 5000/-
  3. Landing Page Builder: INR 5550/
  4. Lead Capture Plugin: INR 9000/
  5. Ecommerce tools: INR 5000/

Haryana School of Digital Marketing also provides you with the login details of new tools which you must find to be worthable during the lectures. They wanted to give a full experience so that you can lead a knowledgeable and bright future with lots of practical experiences.

You can choose the profile in which you are interested.

Is HSDM Hisar provide the doubt session?

Yes, the Haryana School of Digital Marketing Provides the in-class doubt session and also organises the weekly doubt session every Saturday.