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Course Overview

Advance Digital Marketing Course Programme

Whether you’re a student, professional, entrepreneur or freelancer looking to develop digital marketing skills, the HSDM digital marketing course programme is perfect for you.

Who Can Do The Course

This Digital Marketing Program is aimed at:


✓ A great opportunity for students who have graduated and are looking for a career opportunity that has immense scope.


Professionals looking to hone their skills in Digital Marketing and leverage the same to grow their skill sets.


✓ Freelancers looking for an opportunity to earn passive income.


Entrepreneurs starting their business and looking to scale it through Digital Means.

Overview Course Curriculum

           ✓ 100% Placement Assistance

                         ✓ Learn to monetize your Knowledge 

                           ✓ Agency based learning environment

                         ✓ Get mentored by industry stalwarts

✓ Work on Live projects

✓ Learn and master the best industry tools

✓ Learn how to build your brand online

✓ Internship opportunities in agencies

✓ Personalized Resume Feedback

✓ Access to India’s Best Digital Marketing Group

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Your Digital Marketing Journey

Master Digital Marketing Platforms And Tools

We will help you to get familiarised with industry leading tools

used by Digital marketing experts and agencies. These tools help you to gain analytical edge and automation power to define your brand journey.


Digital Marketing Training Modules


Introduction to Digital Marketing

Basic of digital marketing concepts and difference between digital marketing vs traditional marketing and more.


Website Designing

Understanding of web and its functioning and how to create a website without writing a piece of code.

digial marketing course in hisardigial marketing course SEO in hisar

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

Introduction to SEO, search engine working, keyword research & planning, on-page and off-page SEO and more.


Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

All about Google Adwords, Google Ad campaign, search campaign, sale campaign, banner ads and more.


Social Media Optimisation(SMO)

Learn how to correctly setup social media accounts and different social platforms & how to optimize .

digial marketing course in hisar email marketing

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Learn all about how to run and create result driven social media marketing  campaign on different platforms.

digial marketing course in hisar email marketing

Email Marketing

Introduction to email marketing and learn how to create email optin and how to setup email marketing automation.


Lead Generation

What is lead generation and process of lead generation, creating landing page, creating FB lead generation ads.

digial marketing course in hisar E-Commerce

E-commerce Marketing

Introduction to e-com. marketing, e-com. website SEO, sales through Facebook, strategies & more.


Content Marketing

Understanding content marketing, use omni-channelapproch with content marketing, content ads & more.

digial marketing course in hisar Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Intro. to mobile marketing and its platforms, creating ads for mobile apps, effection mobile markeitng & more.


Viral Marketing

Understanding about trends, searching trends, creating content for go viral using omni-channel approch & more.


Video Marketing & Editing

Basic of video marketing & hacks of video making learn video editing on Final Cut, Premier Pro, Camtasia & etc more.


Google Search Console

Understanding google search console to increase traffic on website, learn crawl stats vs. crawl error and many more.


Google Analytics

Introduction to google analytics, data analysing with google analytics, tracking traffic & retargatingusing data & more.


Affiliate Marketing

Concept of affiliate marketing, start earning with affiliate marketing, finding potential products for affiliate & more.


Google Adsense

Money making with adsense, easy steps for google Adsense, how to approve Adsense for different website & more.

digial marketing course in hisar email marketing

Graphics Designing

understand what is graphic designing and learn different software like photoshop, illustrator and canva.


Online Reputation Management

Understanding ORM for business & individual, reputation problems, eliminating negative sites and more.



Learn how to grab projects & earn from anywhere in the world from different freelancing websites as a freelancer.

Curriculum in Depth

“How Much You Learn Practically”

HSDM Course curriculum is co-created with industry leaders to match highest strategic expectations of global businesses. After being in the industry for over many years, we have meticulously crafted the curriculum to develop a successful digital marketer in 22nd century. We follow industry execution style to prepare every individual ready to start their journey from day one of our advance digital marketing course training program.

1. Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Getting introduced to the Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Learning Management System
  • What is agency style learning methodology?
2. Introduction To Digital Marketing
  • This Module familiar to you to brief knowledge of Digital Marketing, Build your strong base.
3. WordPress Web Design
  • It helps you to build your own website, you will make a platform for practical work.
4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SEO is Responsible for website ranking and you learn all the ranking factors on google.

5. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
  • This module taught you about PPC, Google Shopping Ads and Youtube Ads.
6. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  • This module is learn about all social media platform, Advertising and Engagement Creation.
7. Google Analytics
  • Most important for SEO, Learn Analytics of your website to be an SEO Expert.
  • Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
  • Google Search console
  • Introduction to Google tag manager
  • Introduction to data studio
  • How to integrate campaigns with Analytics
  • Understanding performance metrics
  • Case study and live projects
8. E-commerce Marketing
  • It is most engaging marketing on the Internet. Learn about Marketing for Products and Services.
9. Email Marketing & Automation
  • Email marketing is the basic tool to target people in internet in a huge number for getting leads.
10. Local Business SEO And Marketing
  • Learn about how to popular your local business in your locality in a particular place.
11. Facebook Ads Mastery
  • How to kickstart your Youtube channel
  • Recording equipments and Gadgets
  • Identifying content trends through google toolkit
  • Creating Introduction and exit for your video
  • How to create thumbnails 
  • How to write SEO friendly titles and descriptions
  • Youtube analytics and advertisements
  • Monetisation of your YouTube channel
12. Youtube Mastery
  • Getting introduced to the Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Learning Management System
  • What is agency style learning methodology?
13. Content Marketing
  • Learn how to make good content easily and rapidly. Content marketing has vital role in Digital Marketing.
14. Google Search Console
  • This module is an important one in SEO for checking out all the result of your website performance.
15. Affiliate Marketing
  • The new generation of sales and marketing work. You can earn a passive income by Affiliate Marketing.
16. Brand Marketing And Awareness
  • Learn all How to do Branding of any business on the Internet and how to spare awareness of your brand over the social media.
17. International Freelancing
  • Freelancing is a working strategy for doing digital marketing from your own place, If you wish to take free time in your life, learn it well.

18. Online Reputation Management
  • Businesses need to do ORM  (Online Reputation Management) for their company reputation, learn how to make an online reputation.

Our Expert Faculty

Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid

Founder & CEO HSDM

Rohit Kharayat

Rohit Kharayat

Co-Founder HSDM

Adesh Saxena

Adesh Saxena

Corporate Trainer

Are You Still Thinking?

We at the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing, don’t just take your normal digital marketing classes. In fact, we take the time to get to know you and your level of grasping power in order to know that how well you adapt bespoke relevant skills with our industry recognized courses. What learning goals you have right from learning brand exposure techniques to lead generation to website traffic, our digital marketing institute in hisar experts can assist you with bespoke unmistakable assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the way of writing advertising effectively for promotion of goods or services and make it ready to be use as a advertisement. The main aim of this ad copy is to reach more and more users, internet users in case of digital marketing.

Each and every company need to be on top in public minds. As a copywriter you should have ability to make ad copies in such a way that you can fulfill all the needs of your company. Here in Haryana School of Digital Marketing we have trained hundreds of copywriter they are not only copywriter actually but are all rounder in digital world.

What is SEO?

Moment of glad for the pro digital marketers like you and for those who are learning the scope of digital marketing course in haryana. SEO offers various techniques that take you to the prime spots engine results pages. This means people can find you just by surfing some topics or services they want to use, or they are interested in. The sole purpose and the original meaning of SEO means; your website should be ranked on the first page of Google. This includes proper, right and updated research on the algorithm of Google. In Haryana School of Digital Marketing Hisar, you will explore pro tips and strategies so that you can become master in ranking on Google’s first page. 

So, if you have made rank any of the website on Google, congrats yourself, Search Engine Optimization is the field for you. 

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the type of marketing that does demand smart work and hard work equally. You might have heard the term that ‘Content is King’, this phrase is rightly said. All you have to do is to run your imaginative mind and accumulate the best piece of content which is in public interest. It could be any sort of news related to sports, politics, travel, entertainment, and technology. Your content must be purposeful and value-driven. To be a content writer and opt for content marketing skills, one needs to understand and do keywords research.

Along with all this, if your content is value-driven, you can promote your content on multiple sites by using different types of content marketing strategies. In Haryana School of Digital Marketing we care and shine all your skills of writing content in effect way so that millions  of readers will become fan of you. 

Remember that a good content writer is occupied with full power thoughts in his mind. A proficient content writer knows one thing; ‘I am the creator and audience will read what I will make them understand. So, if you have a nose for running your imaginative mind, the content marketing job is for you.

What is Email Marketing?

In the modern era where internet is must for all. Whatever you do, you may be a student, a job seeker or a business man, you also surf internet for a few hours daily. Now Emails are the electronic mails send through internet to a wide number of people to make aware of business product or a service. So its the best and effective method to all your existing costumers or you can get more and more new costumers daily.

In simple words Email marketing will make your business or service more smooth and productive. If you run a business, it may be of any kind, you can make it online with the help of email marketing. Brand awareness is must for a business to survive and grow effectively in competition. In Haryana School of Digital Marketing, Hisar, we will make you sure to be a master in email marketing and definitely you can beat any competition for your business to go from ground to apex. 

Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is one of the best and easy scopes of digital marketing. I repeat, it is easy, but it requires time and hard work. This just means using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more. By using social platforms, you can promote any of your services or business deals, and it also enables you to set your own target audience. Means, your offerings would be visible to only those audience who have the same taste of what you have. Social Media Marketers understands audience behavior. In Digital Marketing Institute Hisar, students are being trained in understanding and learning the response of the audience. 

College passes out students find Social Media Marketing course very interesting, and many of the digital marketing institutes or companies provide internship in this field.

What is ORM?

Do you have an online presence? You should have, not only presence your listing must also have some positive review, ratings, positive public reviews on your website or web content. This is one of the most powerful ranking factors. 

Think for a while everyone is talking about your product or services online. It will boost the number of costumers for your online business. Here in Digital Marketing Course in Hisar, we will make you succeed in getting positive reviews from your customers.


What is Google Advertising?

Who doesn’t know what google is? You are also one of them that surf the internet for hours daily. You also search for places, services, piece of pieces of information on Google, Don’t you?

Likewise, every person who surfs the internet will search for things on Google many times a day. There are some ads on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on the top three results and sometimes in the sidebar if you ever noticed. These are called google ads run by Adwords. In the Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar we make you expert in running such ads and help in your bussiness online. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the way of earning commission for a blogger by selling products of company through his website. The commission depends on the of product for example products of fashion and lifestyle categories results into high commission as compared to products of electronics category. 

So if you learn blogging from Haryana School of Digital Marketing, affiliate could be your one of the best choice. In Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar hundreds of students are learning how up set up their blog for affiliates.