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#1 Best Python Course In Hisar – Find the Best Learning Opportunities Today

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Python Course In Hisar

Are you interested in learning a Python course in Hisar? Well, you have landed at the right place. Make sure to stick to this blog till the end to get the details about the best python course in Hisar, including course details such as course syllabus, duration, fees, and much more. 

Before we start with the details of the top training institute that offers the best Python course in Hisar, let us first understand why you should pursue a Python course.

Python is a popular programming language used by developers all over the world. It is an easy-to-learn language widely used for web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and more.

Let’s discuss the benefits of pursuing a Python course in Hisar. 

Know Why You Should Pursue a Python Course In Hisar – Benefits

Learning Python can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons. Here are some potential reasons why you may want to pursue a Python course in Hisar:


Python is a general-purpose language used for various tasks, from web development to data analysis, machine learning, scientific computing, and more. This makes it a highly versatile language that can be applied to many fields.


Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in recent years, with many companies and organizations adopting it as their go-to language for software development. Learning Python can open up many job opportunities and career paths.

Ease of use

Python is known for its ease of use and readability, making it a great language for beginners. Its simple syntax and structure make it easy to learn and use, even for those who have never programmed.

Community and support

Python has a large and active community of developers who are constantly creating new libraries and tools to help make programming in Python easier and more efficient. This means support is always available when you encounter issues or need help with a project.

Salary Potential

Learning Python can lead to a high-paying career in data science, machine learning, and web development. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Python developer in the United States is over $90,000 annually.

Learning Python can be a valuable investment of your time and effort, whether you want to start a new career or expand your programming skills. Knowing these benefits, starting a career in Python can be a great start. So, do not look any further and learn this language from the best Python course in Hisar. The details are listed below. 

Haryana School of Digital Marketing (HSDM) – Best Python Course in Hisar

While enlisting the best Python course in Hisar, the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing, also known as HSDM, stays in the first position. HSDM is a well-known and prestigious institute that has earned tremendous recognition all over India and is loved by thousands of students. In the last 5 years, HSDM has authentically trained more than 4000 students in digital marketing and now offers web development and software development courses as well. The best thing about the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing is that they provide practical training to its students to learn these skills thoroughly.

Additionally, Haryana School of Digital marketing offers digital marketing course, SEO course, affiliate marketing course, Web Development course and much more.

Salient Features of Python Course by HSDM

HSDM offers you both core and advanced python courses in Hisar with the following salient features:

Both Offline & Online Classes

Haryana School Of Digital Marketing offers online and offline classes that don’t limit you with place and time. And the best thing about their online courses is that they provide live classes rather than recorded ones.

Latest Updated Modules

HSDM offers the latest and updated Python course curriculum that covers everything that must be included in the subject. The complete course syllabus is mentioned in the section below.

Weekly Test & PPT

Haryana School of Digital Marketing also conducts the weekly class test and PPTs (Presentations). These activities improve students’ knowledge, way of talking, public speaking, and body language. Both activities are compulsory for all students.

Lifetime Assistance

Another feature of the best Python course in Hisar by HSDM is lifetime assistance. Yes, you heard that right; Haryana School of Digital Marketing provides lifetime assistance which means they will assist you for a lifetime.


The institute also promises its students placement. They said, “We provide 100% job placement with a minimum salary of INR 15,000 per month.”


  • Outstanding Work Support
  • Extremely Attainable
  • Fulfilling Ambitions
  • Practical Knowledge
  • Personalized Attention
  • Expert Training
  • 100% Placement Assistance

Course Syllabus

HSDM provides you with the best core and advanced Python Courses in Hisar, and the course curriculum is mentioned below.

Core Python Syllabus 

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Fundamental
    • How to Run Python Program
    • Identifier in Python
    • Reserved words in Python
    • Constant in Python
    • Variable in Python
    • Data Type in Python
    • Built Data Types in Python
    • Declaring & Initia; using Variables in Python
  • Operators
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Relational or Comparison Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • Assignment Operators
    • Bitwise Operators
    • Membership Operators
    • Identity Operators
    • Operator Precedence
  • Implicit & Explicit Type Conversion
  • Output Statement or Print Function
  • Getting Input from the user or Input Statement
  • Escape Sequence
  • If Statement
    • If Statement
    • Indentation in Python
    • If else Statement
    • Nested if else
    • If elif & if elif else
  • Loop
    • While Loop
    • For Loop
    • Nested While & for Loop
    • Range Function
  • Break & Continue Statement
  • Pass Statement
  • Array in Python
    • 1D Array
    • Accessing Array using for Loop
    • Accessing Array using while loop
    • Getting Array input from user
  • Methods
      • Append method
      • Insert method
      • Pop method
      • Remove method
      • Index method
      • Reverse method
      • Extend method
  • Numpy Module
    • How to install & Uninstall Python Packages
    • How to install numpy
    • 1D numpy Array using Array
    • Accessing 1D numpy Array using for Loop
    • Accessing 1D numpy Array using while Loop
    • Numpy One Dimensional Array using landscape
    • Numpy One Dimensional Array using arrange
    • Numpy One Dimensional Array using zeros
    • Numpy One Dimensional Array using ones
  • String in Python
    • Find String length
    • Access String using Loop
    • Mutable & Immutable
    • Repetition Operator
    • Concatenation Operator
    • Comparing String
  • Functions
    • Upper lower swap case & title string function
    • Isupper islower & istitle
    • Isdigit Isalpha & Isalnum
    • Isspace
    • Lstrip rstrip &strip
    • Replace split & join
    • Start with & endswith
    • Int, float, str, list, tuple, Set, dict, len, min, max, sorted function
  • Function & How Function Work
    • Function Creation
    • Return Single & Multiple Value
    • Nested Function
    • Passing a Function
    • Function returning function
    • Actual & Formal Argument
    • Positional Argument
    • Keyword Argument
    • Default Argument
    • Anonymous Function or Lambda Expression
    • Local & Global Variable
    • Global Keyword
  • List
    • List in Python
    • Accessing List Using Loop
    • Append, insert, pop, remove, index, reverse, extend, count, clear
    • Getting list input from user
    • List Concatenation
    • Slicing on list
    • Aliasing List
    • Copying & Cloning
    • Nested List
    • Passing list to function
    • Filter, map, reduce, generator yield function
  • Tuple
    • Tuple Creation
    • Accessing Tuple using loop
    • Slicing Tuple
    • Modifying, deleting tuple
    • Getting tuple
    • Repetition of tuple
    • Aliasing
    • Copy tuple elements
    • Nested Tuple
    • Passing tuple to function
  • Sets
    • Set Type
    • Adding Single & Multiple Set Elements
    • Deleting Sets
    • Accessing Set using Loop
    • Getting Set Input
  • Dictionary
    • Adding, deleting, modifying, and dictionary
    • Test Key exists or not 
    • Get, items, keys, values, update, pop, pop item, set default methods
    • Access Dictionary using Loop
    • Nested Dictionary

Advance Python Syllabus

  • OOP Concepts
    • Encapsulation
    • Abstraction
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Class & Object
    • Constructor
  • Instance, class, static Variable
  • Namescape
  • Accessor or Getter & Mutator or Setter
  • Static, Class Method
  • Passing Member of one class to another class
  • Nested Class
  • Inheritance
    • Inheritance need
    • Single inheritance
    • Constructor in inheritance
    • Constructor Overriding
    • Constructor with Super
    • Multilevel Inheritance
    • Hierarchical Inheritance
    • Multiple Inheritance & Method Resolution Order
    • Polymorphism
  • Duck Typing
  • Strong Typing
  • Method Overloading
  • Method Overriding
  • Operator Overloading
  • Module in Python
  • Package
  • Abstract Class, Abstract Method & Concrete
  • Interface
    • Difference between Abstract Class & Interface
  • Time Module
  • Classes
    • DateTime class
    • Time class
    • timedelta class
    • Comparing two dates
    • Formatting Date & Time
    • Sleep Method
    • Calculate age in Python
  • Threading
    • Multitasking
    • Thread & Multithreading
    • Main Thread without using a Class
    • Set & Get the Thread name
    • Creating a Thread by creating child class
    • Thread child class with constructor
    • Creating a Thread Without Child class
    • Single Tasking using a Thread
    • Multitasking using Multiple
    • Thread Race condition
    • Thread Synchronisation Semaphore
    • Thread Communication Event
    • Thread Communication Condition
    • Thread Communication Queue
    • Daemon Thread
  • File Handling
    • What is File & File Handling
    • Text Mode & Binary Mode
    • Opening a File
    • Text File Modes & Binary File Modes
    • Closing a File
    • File Object Variables
    • Check File exists or not in Python
    • Writing Data to File using write method
    • Writing Data to File using write lines method
    • Reading Data from file using read Method
    • Reading Data from file using readline & readlines method
    • Tell & seek method
    • File mode r+ w+ a+
    • How to Copy File contents
    • With Statement
    • Pickling & Unpickling
    • Directory in Python
  • Database Connectivity
    • Introduction to Database
    • How to Download & Install MySQL& Python Connector
    • How to create Check & close Database Connection
    • How to create & Show Database
    • How to make connection to database
    • How to insert data in table
    • Rowcount property
    • Lastrowid property
    • Delete data from table
    • How to update Data in table
    • Fetch Data from Table using fetch one method
    • Fetch Data from Table using fetch many method
    • Fetch Data from Table with WHERE clause
    • Parameterized Query
    • Insert Data into Table parameterized Query
    • Insert Data into Table using execute-many Parameterized Query
    • Input from user into table Parameterized Query Tuple
    • Delete Data from Table using Parameterized Query
    • Update Data from Table using Parameterized Query
    • Retrieve single Row with WHERE Clause
    • Retrieve Multiple Row with WHERE Clause
    • Prepared Statement
  • Exception Handling
    • Exception Handling & Built-in Exception
    • Assert Statement
    • User Defined Exception
    • Difference between Error & Exception in Python
    • Difference between Error & Warning in Python 
    • Logging in Python
    • Getting Help in Python


On completing your Python course in Hisar with Haryana School of Digital Marketing, you will get an industry-recognised Certificate by HSDM.

Course Duration And Fee

The duration of one of the best Python courses in Hisar at HSDM is around two and a half months. And the fee structure for the same course is INR 30,000. Also, if you want to pursue either a core Python course or an advanced Python course, then you can opt for that as well. The course fee and duration for the core Python course are one month and INR 12,000, respectively, and for the advanced python course, it is one and a half months with a payable amount of INR 22,000. 

Contact Details 

Address: 1st Floor, Sco 36p, Sector 14 Pocket A, Hisar, Haryana 125001

Phone Number: 9509269864

Website: www.hsdm.in

Email: hsdm@gmail.com


In conclusion, learning Python has become one of the essential skills for individuals looking to succeed in the digital age. By taking a Python course in Hisar by HSDM, you can gain the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in various industries, including web development, data analysis, and machine learning.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself enrolled in the best Python course in Hisar by HSDM. 

Hoping that the shared information is valuable to you. Looking forward to your reviews about the blog.


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