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Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2022 – Job, Salary, Career, Future After Course

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Scope of Digital Marketing in India


Someone asked me: What is the scope of digital marketing in India 2022? Can I get a job after digital marketing?

Of course yes. Digital marketing is now in serious demand in India and the job marketing for digital marketing is bursting out.

There is a demand for people with digital marketing skills and nearly all the companies put more effort and focus on digital marketing than before.

There are many benefits of a job after digital marketing like high pay and more career opportunities in the coming years. But first, you have to know that, what is digital marketing and what digital marketing skills are there in demand. At the end of this article, all your doubts will be cleared regarding the Scope of digital marketing in India

What is digital marketing?

Promoting your business and selling your products online is digital marketing. Traditional marketing and online marketing are not that different, both need to sell the products and look for ways to get engaged to the customers for brand awareness.

Digital marketing is now a flexible and versatile method to promote business.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2022

In recent times, there are a lot of digital marketing career opportunities after COVID-19 that you can choose from. There are millions of job opportunities in digital marketing every year all over the world.

But for online marketing jobs, companies require certified candidates for the hiring process. And also for a high-paying job, you need certificates.

After the Indian campaign of digital India, the digital marketing job sector increased, and have a high demand for certified digital marketers. So, for the graduates who are looking for a job, it’s an alarming opportunity in India.

There are huge advantages in career after digital marketing courses. So grab the opportunity as soon as you can.

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Digital Marketing Career According to the designation

There is a huge career opportunity after completing the Digital marketing course in Hisar. Here we provided the list of positions

There are many career opportunities after doing a digital marketing course.

Search engine executive/marketer

When we talk about search engine marketing, it is a very important face of digital marketing. The job is to do marketing via search engines. We all know that Google is the most used search engine so the marketing here is done through Google AdWords.


In small companies, the digital marketing manager handles the work of a search engine marketer, or else the work of the marketing executive is to report the manager.


The salary of a SA marketer is 5 to 10 LPA according to the experience and certifications.

The SE marketer handles the leads and clicks under a given budget in activities like bid optimization and management, ad copy-writing, ad campaigns, and keyword research. So, the work of SE marketers is generating leads according to the goals of the company or business.


If you want to be a SE marketer, you should have skills like good communication, basic analysis, and a business mindset.

Search engine optimizer

For the better ranking of the company or business on the SERPs and for creating organic traffic for the business, it is very important for a company to involve a job of SEO, Search engine optimizer. Search engine optimizer; optimize the website for the unpaid results from the search engine.


The salary of a search engine optimizer is around 3 to 10 LPA according to the experience.


If you are a search engine optimizer, your responsibilities are keyword research, optimization according to user experience by using webmaster tools, page indexing, and managing duplicate content.


Good communication skills, good copy-writing skills, and HTML skills.

Social media manager

If you love surfing on social media, then this job would be the best suitable job for you. The content on the website spread through social media and you also run campaigns on social media.


The average salary of a social media manager is 3 to 6 LPA according to experience.


The works of a social media manager are to help the company to communicate with the customers from the various social media channels. You need to be an expert in running paid campaigns on social media.

The work of the manager is to create brand awareness online and build a community for the brand.


You must be an influencer and have a piece of good knowledge of all the social media platforms.

Content marketing manager

The work of a content marketing manager is to be responsible for content writing. It involves the identification, management of creative content, and its development.


The salary of a content marketing manager is nearly 10 to 15 LPA but for this, the required experience should be 5 years in content writing and marketing.


A content marketing manager needs to manage the blog, PR, video marketing, email communications, copywriting etc.


A content marketing manager should have n excellent communication skills, good copywriting and he should be able to understand his customers.


For the online marketing of a company, a copywriter helps in creating content.


The salary of a copywriter is between 3.5 to 10 LPA according to his experience and skills.


When you do a job as a copywriter, your work is to help the search engine marketer in writing better ad copies and to help the content team for better content and also helps the social media marketer to post more interesting blogs.

A copywriter should have great writing skills so that he can convert the readers into customers and connect them to your company.


You should have great writing and storytelling skills.

Email Marketing Manager

When we talk about emails, they also play an important role in brand awareness and building a company’s identity. You have to manage the company’s email campaign. As an email marketing manager, you need to know your audience and build email content.


The salary of an email marketer is nearly 4 to 8 LPA according to experience and certifications.


The job of an email marketing manager is to create creative emails by which customers get engaged and also you have to conduct A/B testing to find what works and whatnot.


To be an email marketing manager, you need excellent communication skills, to take out the customer experience, good storytelling, and have a good A/B testing skills.

Digital marketing manager

To be a digital marketing manager you have to be a master in all the sectors of trade that comes under digital marketing. A digital marketing manager should have all the skills, intelligence, experience, and ability to make decisions in the different sectors of digital marketing.

All the managers of different sectors of digital marketing have to report to the digital marketing manager. If you want to become a digital marketing manager, it requires about 5 years of experience.


The salary of a digital marketing manager is nearly 15 to 20 LPA but it can go up depending upon the expertise, skills, and reputation of the industry.


You have to be an expert in all the sectors of digital marketing. So, you should have a good idea of all the work underdone under you.

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

You can open your own business

According to your budget and audience, you can open up a business using digital marketing skills. When we talk about opening a business a decade earlier, it was a very difficult task to sell your products.

The ways which guarantee success were out of reach and budget.


now digital modes of marketing made this easier and cheaper. If you want to promote your business online then you can do it very easily and get a wider range of audiences or customers.

Priority to customer support

You need to work hard to establish a business and its reputation so that your business could survive. When we analyze the last decade, customers used to prefer the companies which do not have any scandals associated with them.

But, when you open up your business online, you have multiple ways to open and from your services, you can get customers reviews and they will help you to gain a good reputation.

If your customers have any problem then make them relate to you by many sources like email marketing, social media or it can be alive chat.

Get connected to the customer via mobileTop 6 Digital Marketing Courses In India – Training Institutes With Best Job Assistance

After the google update for mobile phones, nearly all the websites made themselves according to the mobile view so that for the mobile users it gets easier. We need to connect customers through mobile because almost all the customers access the internet through their mobile phones.

Increase the trust of your brand

If your business or brand has multiple platforms for the customer to rate your services according to their experience, then it will be brand awareness. If there are positive reviews and good ratings by customers then it creates a new customer converted to you.

You need to have a social media page for the brand for issue resolutions and reviews. This thing will give you leads and then again you get a chance to build up a strong image for brand awareness.

There are also many other things, the world of digital marketing is vast and never-ending so explore it by learning digital marketing. Hope the article helps you. I hope you understand how would be the Scope of Digital Marketing in India in 2020.

If you are looking for the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar Haryana, I recommend you to go for a demo in HSDM and feel the difference.

Thank you.


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    Dinesh sir, Is a great guy. I am from Hisar and I know about him. I have visited the HSDM, and I was met Pankaj sir, who is the co-founder, He don’t know the proper terms of Digital marketing and when I asked something then He go somewhere to confirm the terms on call.

    Please suggest to me the institute to, I have a doubt that who will teach me and trained me because Pankaj Sir cannot teach me. I respect him, he is a co-founder of HSDM but he has no proper knowledge.

    I would like to learn from Dinesh Sir.

    • Dinesh

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