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Beginners Guide For SEO Content Writing 2024- How To Start A Career As Content Writer

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Beginners Guide For SEO Content Writing

Do you want to pursue Search Engine Optimisation content writing as a career? Then, this article is all you need to read today. Here is a complete beginner guide for SEO content writing in 2024 that can help you start your career in content writing. 

Ranking on Google and other search engines is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible. With the proper knowledge and strategies, you can increase the chances of your website’s rankings on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Read this complete beginner’s guide for SEO content writing and learn the importance of SEO content writing and how to do it.

Let’s begin with what content writing is and its importance. 

What Is SEO Content Writing? 

For beginners, SEO content writing is a type of writing that aims at helping websites improve their visibility online and rankings on search engines. SEO content writing deals with the implementation of keywords in the content. And this writing technique helps content writers to boost the organic visibility and SERP rankings of a website. 

With keyword optimization, SEO content writers also ensure that the topic they choose is relevant to their target audience. As Google emphasized many times that it prefers high-quality and relevant content. 

We can also say that SEO content writing doesn’t only deal with keyword matching; it also includes researching what people are searching for online and offering answers and solutions to their queries. Keyword research is also considered a part of content writing only. SEO content writers use various tools to improve the quality and relevance of the content. 

What Is The Importance Of SEO Content Writing?

In the complete beginner’s guide for SEO content writing, we will understand in detail the importance of SEO content writing in 2024. 

As mentioned above, SEO content writing helps to increase the ranking chance of a website on SERP. According to statistics, 93% of online experiences begin with search engines. 

In today’s times, Google is the most dominant search engine on the internet, with almost 75% of the search market. According to the reports by Live Internet Stats, more than 74,000 individual search keywords are being typed into the Google search bar every second, which is over 63 billion searches every day. 

When people type these query keywords in the search box, the search engine displays a list of URLs with the keyword’s most relevant content. These result pages are search engine result pages or SERP for short. 

If you want to drive organic traffic to your website, search engines are an intelligent way to do so. It is said by 70% of marketers that search engine optimization is more effective than PPC for driving sales. 

But there is a little problem here. 

More than 75% of users do not even scroll to the second of the SERPs. Additionally, 67% of users click on one of the first five organic results. And it often results in hundreds of websites competing with each other for one keyword or another. 

Now, this is where SEO content writing comes in. Writing and optimizing your content as per search engine and having your target audience in mind makes you stand out from your competitors. 

In this regard, here is a list of reasons why SEO content writing is essential.

Boost Search Rankings

When you hire a professional for SEO content writing, you will always get high-quality, highly authoritative, and engaging content that is SEO-friendly. And this is the first step to reaching the top rankings on search engine results pages. When you publish content optimized for search engines and users, it guarantees you a significant boost in your content visibility and rankings.

Good SEO writing will have techniques to manipulate content pieces like backlinks, meta tags, anchor text, meta descriptions, etc. 

Good Content = More Traffic

SEO content writing is entirely different from writing a post on a broadsheet. You might have heard about the 15-second rule. Well, that is how long you get to grab the attention of users or customers before they click away. 

Therefore, here comes the responsibility of creating a solid impression on the audience within 15 seconds, or you risk losing them forever.

SEO content writing is a well-versed writing technique with keyword density, appropriate tone, appropriate length, etc. You will require a professional SEO content writer who knows all the ins and outs to write such content for your website that captures the attention of your audience from the very first moment they enter the website. 

So, if your website wants to attract traffic and wants them to stay, then SEO content writing is critical.

Money Saving

With good SEO-friendly content on your website, you can say goodbye to expensive Pay-Per-Click advertising. When you rank organically with SEO content writing, you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money to have one of the top spots on Google. 

SEO content writing can help you save a lot of money that you can invest in other, more important projects. 

Also, if you have an utterly SEO-optimised website, it will bring visitors or customers to your website much longer than you will be able to continue paying for advertisements. Writing for search engine optimization also makes sure that you target only those customers you want to connect with in, making your content and website rank organically.

What Does An SEO Content Writer Actually Do?

In this complete beginner’s guide for SEO content writing, the next thing you will get to know about is what a content writer does. Let’s dig in. 

The fundamental role of an SEO content writer begins with understanding the target audience of the company they are writing for. The best SEO content writers always know how to adjust their voice tone and marketing efforts to meet the target audience’s expectations. 

At the same time, they are responsible for creating content optimized for search engine algorithms and human audiences. 

The most essential tasks SEO content writers are responsible for are as follows:

Keyword Research

While some businesses hire separate SEO Experts responsible for keyword research, SEO content writers can also perform this task. 

They can help find out the potential keyword terms and phrases that can be beneficial to your content. They can also guide you on things like semantic and long-tail keywords. 

Content Strategy

SEO content writers are also responsible for developing an end-to-end content strategy. They can do it independently or assist the content marketing specialists with the task. A content strategy may involve what kind of blogs, listicles, and eBooks you should develop and publish. Also, there can be other tasks such as social media, email marketing, or video creation.

Content Production

The most crucial role of a content writer is to create content. A professional SEO content writer makes everything from blog posts to web pages on behalf of the client.

Some SEO content writers may offer free edits and updates along with their work. You may also ask them for ongoing metrics to see how the content performs. 

Proofreading And Editing

Again, you can give this task to a separate person in your marketing team. However, some SEO content writers perform all of their proofreading and editing themselves. It might mean you have to pay extra for additional service hours.

Publishing And Outreach

SEO content writers can usually upload content to various platforms. It could mean adding posts to a WordPress website and scheduling them. 

Many SEO content writing professionals will also help with creating a content calendar that will help you know when to publish and promote every piece of content. Certain professionals also assist with outreach to other publications and guest blogs. 

The actual work done by an SEO content writer will depend entirely on who you hire. As the SEO content writing marketplace grows, many professionals are offering extra services to increase their opportunities for attracting customers.

How To Start SEO Content Writing in 2024? Step-By-Step Guide

The next section of the complete beginner’s guide for SEO content writing 2024 includes the steps to start SEO content writing. Check out this step-by-step guide to begin your journey as an SEO content writer. 

Step 1: Choose a Topic

The first step of SEO content writing is to choose a topic for your content. Mainly, you would want to select a topic your target audience wants to know about or cares about. 

Below are the quick ways that can help you get excellent content ideas:


Go to active subreddits where you think your target audience hangs out. And find out topics that tend to come up again and again. These can be excellent topics to cover in a blog post or video.

Competitors Blogs

Analyze your competitors by looking at their popular blog posts, videos, and infographics. Find out what they have in common and what you can improve or emulate.


Personas can help you get more information about what type of content your target audience searches for on the internet when they are not searching for your product or service. 

Using these ways, you can find out what type of content your audience is interested in and try to create content that engages the audience.

Step 2: Find a Keyword

After completing the first step, it is time to find a keyword for your content. 

To be clear, keyword research is a vast topic in this section. Everything there is to know about finding keywords can not be covered here, but there are a few quick techniques for keyword research that can work great for you. 

First, you can use Google suggestions to find out long tail keywords. What I find remarkable about this technique is that you see keywords that people are searching for right now, which means these terms are not competitive yet. 

Second, you can use Ubersuggest. It is a mind-blowing and free tool that can help you develop new keyword ideas. Along with this, it will also let you know how many people search for that particular keyword on Google every month. 

Finally, you can try the Answer The Public tool, where you can type a few different words and phrases to find related keywords. Unlike most other keyword tools, this tool focuses entirely on questions. So if you want to write content optimized around question keywords, this tool is all you need. 

This is not everything about keyword research, and you can use many more options and tools to find the best keywords to enhance your SEO content writing. 

Let’s move on to Step 3.

Step 3 – Write Comprehensive Content

While doing SEO content, ensure you write detailed and comprehensive content that includes everything someone needs to know related to a specific keyword. It should be awesome if you want to rank your content on Google. 

In other words, your content needs to be the best result for a given search query. Otherwise, it’s not gonna rank. Actually, mind-blowing content is the key to SEO success. 

How do you do that?

By writing comprehensive content. You may publish content that gives someone all the information they are required to know about the search query. 

Every Google algorithm and update mentions that Google always prioritizes explicit content. You have much better chances of getting the #1 rank on Google with comprehensive content than a short blog.

Why Does Detailed And Long Content Rank Better?

  • Longer content helps Google to get more information about the topic of that webpage. It makes the search engine more confident that your webpage is the best suited and has a relevant result for a particular keyword. 
  • It is obvious that long-form content can cover much more than a short blog post on the same topic, which means that long articles can answer searchers’ queries better than brief content.
  • Comprehensive content tends to attract more social shares and links than shallow content.

And if you start writing long-form content, it can be a competitive advantage for you because doing this is not easy. It takes many hours and lots of hard work to create detailed content.

Your competitors are too lazy to write in-depth pieces of content. It means that you will stand out and separate yourself from the crowd when you start publishing insane thorough, and in-depth stuff.

With this, let’s get to the next step in the SEO content writing process.

Step 4 – Optimise For Users

Now that you have written a content piece optimizing it for the users is time. Mainly, you would want your SEO content writing to be super easy to consume. The reason is that if your content is not easy to read and understand, there is no chance it would rank ( even if you implement On-Page SEO perfectly. 

It is because Google now uses User Experience Signals to determine which content deserves to rank #1 in the SERPs. So optimizing your content according to users and people who love your content will boost your rankings.

The main focus here should be to make your content easy to read and understand. You can apply a few techniques, such as using the appropriate header tags, keeping the paragraphs short, and using lots of multimedia in the content. It would help users to understand your content better and attract their attention which will further pass good user experience signals to Google.

Step 5- Keyword Optimise Your Content

This step is all about making your piece of content SEO-friendly. 

To make your content SEO-friendly, you should place your keywords perfectly throughout the content. According to SEO experts, there are a few places where you should put your keyword in the content that can help you boost your rankings.

First, you must ensure that your focus keyword is in the first 100 words of the content. This term is known as “keyword prominence.” It is essential because the higher your focus keywords appear on the page, the more Google considers the content about that specific focus keyword. Your keyword should also appear in the content in the following terms:

  • Title
  • Headings / Subheadings
  • Meta Description
  • URL
  • Alt Tags
  • Throughout the content, as per keyword density

The next thing you can do is add internal links to other content on your website. It will let the search engine and users know that you are working thoroughly on a specific niche and indicate that you have expertise in the type of SEO content writing you are performing.

Lastly, ensure you embed a long-tail keyword in the content to boost your rankings. It might be challenging to get your content ranked on a short-tail keyword due to high competition.

So, you may convert that short-tail keyword into a long-tail one and optimize it accordingly. This way, it will be easier for you to rank the content for the less competitive keywords.

With complete long-tail keyword optimization and link building, you can grab one of the top positions in the SERP rankings.

Step 6- Share On Social Media

After performing the above steps, it’s time to promote your content on social media to enhance traffic.

How you promote your blogs or articles entirely depends on your niche. For example, if you are running a cooking blog, you will want to focus on Instagram and Pinterest more.

But if you are working in digital marketing, a platform like Twitter can help you better. Along with this, a boosted Facebook post can get your content to reach more people. 

Step 7- Link Building

Undoubtedly, link-building is a huge factor in ranking. In fact, many studies say that building links is incredibly important and beneficial for higher rankings on Google. 

Now, the question arises, how do you get more people to link to your content?

Multiple strategies you can use for link building can be extremely valuable to your website. Have a look.

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0
  • Article Submissions
  • Guest Blogging 
  • Pdf Submission 
  • Image/Video Submission 
  • Email Outreach
  • Quora

Step 8- Analyse Your Results

The final step in your SEO content writing is to analyze how your content is performing.

To do that, tracking the rankings of your web pages is highly recommended. You can use this using different online tools such as SEMrush, Ahref, etc.

Also, you can check your organic traffic in your Google Analytics to check performance. Another thing you can do is to look at impressions in the Google Search Console. 

While you do SEO content writing and publishing the content on your website, you should always keep in mind that SEO is a slow process. SEO can take time. 

Even if you follow all these steps perfectly and strictly, the same as mentioned above, it can still take two to three months for SEO to come into effect. 

It usually happens all the time. Even though your content is optimized appropriately for search engines and users, it takes around 60-80 days to hit the first page rankings on Google.

5 Most Recommended And Helpful SEO Content Writing Tips For Beginners

In this part of the complete beginner’s guide for SEO content writing, we have included some highly recommended tips for SEO content writing that can help boost your rankings on search engines.

Focus On The Audience

The primary goal of Google is to provide the most relevant results to the users, which means that the content you publish should provide content appealing to the interest of the audience. Your content should directly answer all the questions that your niche readers are looking for. 

As users look for their answers on your website, or the more users like the content on your website, the search engine will recognize your website as an authority and expertise in your niche and reward you with a boost in your rankings

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

The use of keyword-rich phrases in your content acts like a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, if you use your focus keyword with relevance and thoughtfully, it can positively impact your content. While on the other hand, the flip side is its excessive use, known as keyword stuffing. It is a complete turn-off for users as well as search engines, and it can lead to the dreaded Google penalty.

Structure Your Post

In SEO content writing, structure refers to giving the best reading experience to the users. It is not enough for your SEO content writing to be relevant. Also, it should be easy to understand for both search engine bots and readers. 

You can break the content into smaller paragraphs with engaging subheadings.

Note: The proper hierarchy of heading tags is H1 for titles, H2 for subtitles, and so on.

You should also use natural language that readers can easily understand by avoiding fluffs and passive voice.

Use Images To Support SEO Content Writing

Usually, content writers treat images as an afterthought, but it is a bad idea. Images not only help you make a big impression on your content post, but they can also help you rank in Google’s image search. That can ultimately bring more traffic to your website. 

People love visuals. Moreover, images are also a type of content, and you should consider all kinds of content as a part of your SEO strategy.

Promote Natural Link Building

Link building is indeed an essential ranking factor for SEO. Also, link-building might be challenging for beginners. More than sixty percent of SEO experts affirm that link building is the most complicated SEO practice to complete. Around forty percent of digital marketers claim that link building is the greatest challenge in Search Engine Optimisation.

Now, you might be wondering how to build links as a beginner.

The only solution is to create unique and outstanding content that readers want to share. And with more people sharing your content, you will receive one or more links leading back to your website.

Skills Required To Become A Successful SEO Content Writer

The next thing you will get to know in the complete beginner’s guide for SEO content writing is the essential skills that can make you a successful content writer.

It is a myth that anyone can become a successful content writer. Some specific skills are required to become a content writer. Developing these skills can help you build a successful career in SEO content writing. Check out the skills mentioned below:

  • Adaptability to different writing styles 
  • Strong research skills 
  • Creating original and creative content 
  • Good understanding of SEO
  • Organization skills 
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding of social media 
  • Creating a content strategy 
  • Knowing the brand voice
  • Staying updated 

Best Place To Learn SEO Content Writing In India in 2024

The most crucial section of this complete SEO content writing guide for beginners includes the most popular SEO content writing course in India to help you start your career as a content writer.

To start a career in SEO content writing, you require some skills, and opting for the right course can help you learn these skills thoroughly. And with so many options available in the market, you might be confused about making a choice. Well, we have made this easy for you because the SEO content writing course mentioned below is India’s best SEO content writing course to embark on in your career.

Free SEO Content Writing Course By Dinesh Jangid (Video)

SEO Content Writing Course By Haryana School Of Digital Marketing

Course Name: SEO Content Writing Course By HSDM

Duration:1 Month

Mode: Online and Offline, both available

Fees: 10K

Trainers: Mr. Dinesh Jangid and Ms. Amanpreet Kaur

Contact Details

Address: 1st Floor, Sco 36p, Sector 14 Pocket A, Hisar, Haryana 125001

Phone Number: 9509269864

Website: hsdm.in

Email: hsdm@gmail.com

SEO Content Writing Syllabus By HSDM

HSDM covers all the advanced and latest tips and strategies to create the best SEO content in their comprehensive SEO content writing syllabus, as mentioned below. Check out.

  • Introduction Of Content Writing
  • Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting
  • How To Write SEO Blogs?
  • Importance of keywords
  • Title Optimisation
  • How to write a content introduction?
  • Header Tags Optimisation
  • Meta Description Optimisation
  • Image Optimisation
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Conclusion Optimisation
  • Transition Words
  • Use of Tools in Content Writing
  • How to generate earning opportunities in content writing?

FAQs For Complete Beginners Guide For SEO Content Writing 2024

What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is writing and optimizing your content with the primary goal of ranking on the first page of a search engine.

What does an SEO content writer do?

An SEO content writer’s primary responsibility is to write relevant, informative, and compelling content. Their main goal is to understand the target audience and provide the answers to all their questions.

How can you learn SEO content writing?

You can learn SEO content writing by option for a comprehensive and advanced content writing course. We recommend an SEO content writing course by the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing to learn skills thoroughly.

Can SEO content writing be a promising career?

SEO content writing can be an excellent career if you achieve expertise in this skill by learning all the updated strategies and techniques.


I hope this complete SEO content writing guide for beginners in India 2024 has provided you with all the answers you were looking for. As mentioned in the guide, SEO content writing is a very effective way to reach your goals and boost your rankings on the search engine. 

So, what are you waiting for? To start a full-fledged SEO content writing career, you must opt for the best SEO course in India, provided by the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing. 

We hope that you have found this article valuable. You may comment below if you have any doubts or reviews about the article. We will be more than happy to respond. 


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