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Top 5 Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh – Must Read

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Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh

Looking for the best digital marketing course in Chandigarh?

Then no worries, I’ll provide you with the information in a very detailed manner so that you can easily determine which course best meets your demands.

Throughout this article, we will address everything a student must consider. That includes the vision, mission, course content, faculties there, the institute, and its structure. Additionally, the course fees, duration, certificates, and tools they offer will be discussed.

With the growth in demand for digital marketers, there is also an increase in digital marketing institutions that offer courses in that field. Choosing the right school is, therefore, a challenge.

So we’ll be providing you with a list of the best digital marketing course in Chandigarh that can provide the best knowledge about the internet marketing course.

Before the div into the Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh Guide please check the scope of digital marketing after the Covid-19.

Table of Contents

List of Best Digital Marketing Courses Chandigarh 

There are a lot of digital marketing institutes in Chandigarh but here I have mentioned the top 5 internet marketing institutes which provide the best training in the field of digital marketing. So, if you don’t know who can do a digital marketing course in Chandigarh then check the eligibility criteria for the online marketing course.

digital marketing is the future of marketing and it will grow day by day in India. if you do not know about digital marketing then read my complete digital marketing guide. This guide will help you to understand what actually is digital marketing, what is the scope, demand, jobs, salary and etc.

Haryana Institute of Digital Marketing (HSDM)

Haryana School of Digital Marketing also known as HSDM Hisar, In the Top 5 Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh, HSDM comes in the first position.

About the institute

Haryana School of Digital Marketing is a venture of Edge Digital Media Pvt Limited. The institute is renowned as the best digital marketing course in Chandigarh for providing guidance to students, teachers, and entrepreneurs who want to lead their careers online.

Upon starting their classes, they make sure to provide their students with the knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. Their goal is to make their students job-ready right out of the gate. Students are prepared to compete in this booming economy.

Both offline and online digital marketing courses are available. Students all over the world can participate in their live webinars. They also provide 2-day free demo classes every month. 

A session is held every Saturday to clarify doubts. Furthermore, if you have any more doubts, the trainer there can resolve them anytime. 

This institute does not at all believe in providing the lectures or with PPTs which are not updated. A proper team had been made for all these functions. They also provide you with the best digital marketing course in HINDI. 

In this institute, you will learn from the life experiences of the teachers. They also provide you with the new tools which must be used by a digital marketer. The more you use the tools, the more desiring interest you’ll be getting. You’ll find yourself finding new tools afterward according to your use. 

Why Haryana School of Digital Marketing?

Course Content:

It provides you with 30+ advanced digital marketing modules.

Introduction to Digital Marketing:
  • Basics of Online Marketing
  • Difference between Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • Search Engine Basics
  • Key points of internet marketing
  • Basic terms used in internet marketing
  • Effective platforms for promotions
  • Why are people moving into digital marketing?
  • How much business can you grab after using internet marketing techniques?
  • Structure of Online Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Google Algorithm
Website Introduction & Creation:
  • Understanding the web and its functioning
  • Understanding the need for a website
  • Choosing Great Domains
  • Using CMS Panel and getting the hosting for the website
  • Creating a professional and elegant website on WordPress
Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Search Engine Working
  • Keywords Research & Planning
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Tools for SEO
  • Understanding Google Algorithm
  • SEO Site Audit
Search Engine Marketing
  • What is Google Adwords
  • Google Ads Campaign
  • Search Campaign
  • Sale Campaign
  • Banner and Search Ads
  • Keyword Understanding
  • Creating successful ads
Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Campaign Creation
  • Facebook for lead generation
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Promotion or ad creation
  • Youtube Introduction
  • Understanding Youtube Algorithm
  • Growing Youtube Channel
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
Email Marketing
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Creating a newsletter for Emails
  • Increasing open rate of Emails
  • Sending Bulk Emails
  • Using autoresponder
  • Email Marketing Tools
Lead Generation
  • What Is Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Process
  • Creating Landing Page For Lead Generation
  • Creating Facebook Lead Generation Ads
  • Adding Lead Magnet To Landing Page
Ecommerce Marketing
  • Introduction Ecommerce Marketing
  • Ecommerce website SEO
  • Ecommerce sales through Facebook
  • Creating Google Shopping Ads for Ecommerce Website
  • Effective strategy plan for an eCommerce website
Content Marketing
  • Understanding Content Marketing
  • How to Use Omni-channel Approach with content marketing
  • Content Ideas
  • Content Creation for social media
  • Creating Content for Website
Mobile Marketing
  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing platforms
  • Creating Ads for Mobile Apps
  • Increasing downloads through Facebook Ads
  • How to make a business from mobile marketing?
  • Effective mobile marketing strategy
Viral Marketing
  • Understanding About Trends
  • Searching Trends
  • Creating Content to go viral
  • Using Omni-channel approach
Video Marketing and Editing
  • Basic of Video Marketing
  • Hacks Of Video Making
  • Basic Of Filmora /Final Cut Pro
  • A-Z Video Editing
Google Search Console
  • Understanding Google Search Console
  • Using Google Search Console to Increase Traffic
  • Crawl Stats vs Crawl Error
  • Removing Spam Backlinks from website
  • Index Pages in Google Search Engine
Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Data Analysing with Google Analytics
  • Checking User Behaviour
  • Tracking Traffic from Different Sources
  • Using Analytics data for Retargeting
Affiliate Marketing
  • Concept of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to start earning with Affiliate Marketing
  • Finding Potential Products for Affiliate Marketing
  • Apply for Amazon Affiliate and Clickbank
  • Difference b/w CPA and CPL
  • Money Making with Google Adsense
  • Easy Steps for Google Adsense
  • How to Approve Adsense with Different Websites?
  • Placing ads on Your website
  • Understanding About Freelancing
  • Getting Work from Freelancer and Fiverr
  • Grabbing Freelancing Projects Easily
Photo Editing
  • Basic Of Adobe Photoshop
  • Editing Images
  • Crating Creatives
  • Basic Of Canva
  • Making Ads With Canva and Hacks of Canva
Online Reputation Management
  • Introduction of Online Reputation Management
  • Reputation Problems
  • Eliminating Negative Websites
  • Consumer Complaint Sites


It is imperative that different faculties are appointed to different modules in which they are experts. Like Mr. Dinesh Jangid teaches you about SEO, SMM, Affiliate marketing, google ads, and Facebook ads. He has experience of more than 7 years in the above-mentioned modules and has trained more than 1000+ students in these fields. 

On the other hand, Mr. Pankaj Jangid sir will teach you about web designing with or without codes, graphic designing through photoshop and illustrator. He has been working in these fields for more than five years.

Dinesh Jangid Hsdm Hisar   

Pankaj tiranHsdm Hisar

              MR. DINESH JANGID                   MR. PANKAJ JANGID


History of the institute:

Haryana Institute of digital marketing (HSDM) was started in the year 2017 by Dinesh Jangid. He is the CEO of HSDM. His brother Mr. Pankaj Jangid is the co-founder and has work experience of more than 4 years in this field.

This institute has maintained its high level of standard for more than 5 years in the field of digital marketing.

Course fee and duration:

The course duration is of 5 months including weekly doubt sessions and the fee structure of this course depends upon whether you are taking it online or offline.

The fee for an offline course is 30,000 INR inclusion of taxes and for an online course is 25,000 INR inclusion of taxes.

The area they provide (structure):

In order to learn effectively, the environment always plays a very important role, and this institute offers you an excellent, cool study environment. Classrooms with laptop compatibility are specifically designed for students.

The main key highlight of this institute is that they provide the AREA TO PRACTISE along with the trainer available there for clearance for your doubts without making any delay. In addition, they made up a portion of the area for STUDIO as well. You can easily shoot the videos there and start earning through SMM from the platforms like Instagram, youtube, and many more.

Certifications offered:

Here you’ll be getting 15+ Certifications which include 6 Adword certifications and more google and Hubspot certified certificates.

6 Adword Certifications are:
  • Google Adwords Fundamental
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Video Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
And Google and Hubspot certified:
  • HubSpot Inbound certification
  • HubSpot Content Marketing certification
  • HubSpot Email Marketing certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Google Digital Sales Certification
  • Google Mobile Sites Certification
  • Facebook Certification
  • Twitter Certification

Along with these, you’ll be getting an Industry Recognised HSDM certificate for the completion of this course.

Tools They provide

The Haryana School of Digital Marketing provided some premium tools in the course. The worth of these tools is approx 40000/- INR. Here is the list of tools that will get in the Internet marketing course in Chandigarh.

  • Divi Theme Builder: Rs. 9000/-.
  • Generate Press Premium: Rs. 3710/-.
  • Rank Math for on-page SEO: Rs.6000/-.
  • Thrive Architect: Rs.17263/-.
  • Elementor Pro: Rs. 3710/-.
  • and more.

Books Provided by the HSDM

After joining, the digital marketing course in Chandigarh, the Haryana School of Digital Marketing will provide 9 Books. The name of the book is mentioned below

  1. Digital Marketing Book
  2. Basics of SEO
  3. WordPress SEO Guide
  4. How Search Engine Works
  5. Guide for Local SEO
  6. Keyword Research Book
  7. On-Page SEO Guide
  8. Advanced Technical SEO Guide
  9. Link Building Guide

Advantages of choosing this course:

Following are the advantages of choosing this course as compared to others:

  • Digital marketing course in Hindi.
  • World-class educators
  • Can join other batches too for the topic in which you found difficulties.
  • Well recognized institute
  • Backup classes
  • 100+ placements opportunities
  • Interview Preparation
  • Exposure to real-life experiences.
  • Career Guidance
  • Expertise trainers

Contact details:

Phone Number: 9509269864

Email: Hsdm@gmail.com

Website: hsdm.in

Address: 1st Floor, Sco 36p, Sector 14 Pocket A 

Institute – as Rated by the people:

If we conclude all the reviews mentioned on the site about the students then I conclude to the point where students are recommended to join this institute if you want to start their career in digital marketing by mentioning the institute environment, professional faculties, and the graphic designing. It is because of his extensive knowledge in this field that Mr. Dinesh Jangid is such a great teacher. The teachers over there provide a friendly environment and personal interaction with the students. 

Some students had also written bad reviews but then in a reply, we got to know that they were students who didn’t even join the course here. Some of them include that they do not attend the calls after the course, from my point of view they might be busy at times and of course the reality might be that they were not able to pick up the calls.

Some students had found something unique here, so I would say that’s the best review as students are getting something new, which they had never seen before.


2) Digital Vidya

About the institute:

Digital Vidya is a leading training company specializing in imparting new-age skills to individuals and organizations. This institute is an official partner of Google, Microsoft India, and global media giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Vskills.

This institute has been providing online courses across 55+ countries training more than 60,000 students all across the globe. According to them, they teach people about this with relevant professional skills. This institute has unlimited access to its course material.

This institute firstly started providing courses in Social Media Marketing (SMM) online and had success in selling their courses by the use of digital marketing only. Later on, they started giving courses all about digital marketing.

Course content:

They offer the following modules:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Designing
  • Facebook ads and Google ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • And others

Vision: “People are Fully Equipped with Relevant Professional Skills”


There are 72 trainers in digital marketing.

Some of them are:

  • Aarti Chothani
  • Shweta Dhaliwal
  • Sajith S Painady
  • Protik Basu
  • Chandan Singh 

And many more.

History of the institute:

This institute was started in 2009 by organizing workshops all around the world. They had launched a full digital marketing course in the year 2013. With the rise in interest in the working professions in them, they widened their scope by making the passion to lead the change by providing more courses in other fields too. 

Of the 4 people, they are in a team of more than 100+ main members. And the day came when they got a chance to be in the top 10 best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.

Course fee and duration:

The duration of this course is 10 months which includes 10-12 hours per week.

The fee structure of this course is 150,000 INR (plus taxes).

Certifications offered:

  1. 8 Google Certifications
  2. Hubspot Marketing Certification
  3. Digital Vidya certificate

Advantages of choosing this course:

  1. Well-organized training programs
  2. Professional teachers
  3. 100+ Placement guidance
  4. INR 72000/- in free digital marketing tools

Contact details:

Phone Number: +91-80100-33033 or +91-11-47597475

Email: info@digitalvidya.com

Website: https://www.digitalvidya.com 

Address: 1001, 10th Floor, Tower-1, Pearls Omaxe Building, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034

3) Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing (CIIM)

About the institute:

Chandigarh Institute of internet marketing (CIIM) is an amazing institute for digital marketing which has immense knowledge in this field. This institute has a team of 30+ members who have trained 12000+ students yet. It also provides the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.  

CIIM believes in following the best training techniques, working on live projects, and providing 100+ placement opportunities. They provide both online and offline courses for students all around the globe.=

Course content:

This institute offers you various modules:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile SEO
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging


The faculties mentioned here are:

  • Surjeet Singh
  • Mukesh Kumar
  • Ravinder Singh
  • Preeti
  • Bobby Singh
  • Raghav Nehra
  • Poonam Sharma
  • Vishavjeet Singh

And many more.

History of the institute:

The founder of CIIM is Surjeet Thakur, a serial entrepreneur who has experience of 15 years in the field of digital marketing. This institute started a few years ago and has developed so well.

Students had to get placements in recognized companies at a good post and they are fully satisfied with the knowledge they provide.

Course fee and duration:

The duration of this course is 6 months at this institute which includes 2 hrs per day timings.

The fee structure is not mentioned on the site. So if you want to know about that you can directly contact them.

Advantages of choosing this course:

This institute offers you the following advantages of choosing their course.

  •  More than 90+ Modules.
  •  25+ Certifications
  •  6-months Internship Program.
  •  2500+ Placement Partners.
  •  3.5 Lacs Worth Tools Free.
  •  Trainers with 15+ years of experience.
  •  100% Job placement 

Contact details:

Phone Number: 91 73473 92745 , +91 99153-37448

Email: info@ciim.in

Website: https://www.ciim.in 

Address: Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing, SCO – 54-55, 3rd Floor, Sector – 34 A, Chandigarh

4) PAL Digital Media 

PAL training company focuses on imparting new-ag   

About the institute:

Pal Institute in digital marketing is quality-wise best digital marketing course in Chandigarh. This institute focuses on solving its clients web marketing problems and increasing their revenue. This institute is handled by Mr. Pal who is a UX/UI Analyst, Google Adwords PPC Manager, Digital Marketer, and Conversion Expert. He has experience of about 8 years in this field.

Institute in Chandigarh provides the knowledge with the latest methods and techniques.

Course content:

  • Overview of Internet Marketing Coaching Certification Program.
  • Understanding the Website, Creation, and Landing Pages.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Search Engine Marketing (Certification for Google Adwords).
  • Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Web Analytics.
  • Online Reputation Management.
  • 360 Degree Implementation Of Digital Marketing.
  • Customer Acquisition And Retention Techniques.
  • Digital Marketing, Ad Design & Automation Tools.
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  • Google AdSense (Make Money Online).
  • Inbound Marketing.
  • Shopping Ads on Google, E-commerce websites.
  • Freelancing.
  • Schema Implementation and Data Structure Tool.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Google Search Console.
  • Geo-Targeting: International Targeting.
  • Cyber Laws.


This institute is named by the owner i.e. Mr. Pal and he is the only one who teaches students about digital marketing.

Course fee and duration:

The duration of this course is for 3 months which includes 2 hrs per day from Monday to Saturday.

The fee of this course is 30,000 INR

Certifications offered:

  • Certification for Google AdWords 
  • AdWords Fundamentals:
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Advertising on Display
  • Advertising on mobile phones
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping Promotional Materials
  • The Training Institute Certificate

Advantages of choosing this course:

The following are some of the benefits of this institute:

  • He had more than 6 years of experience in Google Adwords.
  • Recognized institute
  • Claiming the mindset of doing something unique.
  • Decided to help clients reach their ROI targets.
  • 100% practical training
  • Expertise faculty

Contact details:

Contact details: +91-9815770276, +91-9878737635

Website: https://www.palbabban.com

Address: SCO No: 126-127, 4th Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, Punjab,160022

5) Webliquids

About the institute:

Webtech Learning is a multi-process education academy. They believe in training that makes a difference by providing a great level of service to their students and working professionals. It provides knowledge about IT educational services and about marketing.

They have successfully trained 7000 professionals. It is one of the most reliable institutes for digital marketing because of its practical training and placement process.

Course content:

Their course is designed according to the current requirements.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •  PPC
  •  Youtube
  •  Facebook
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  •  Email Marketing
  • Website designing 
  •  Content Structure
  •  Freelancing
  • Adsense marketing
  •  and many more.


To provide trusted and consistent Education or IT services to worldwide clients and students. We aim to offer remarkable Student Satisfaction by delivering valued services and a great teaching experience.


  • Each individual will be trained in a way that makes them confident in their respective fields.
  • Create a professional digital marketer from a fresher.
  • Place all the experts from Web Liquids in reputed organizations.
  • Not only do we aim to make you the best in digital marketing, but also to make you a confident professional.



History of the institute:

Webtech learning was started in the year 2014. According to the students’ review, this institute can be considered as the best digital marketing course in Chandigarh

Course fee and duration:

The course duration is 3 months.

The course fee is not mentioned, so if you want to know you can contact them.

Certifications offered:

After the completion of the course, they offer 10+ certifications related to google and Hubspot certification.

Advantages of choosing this course:

  • A Great Training Environment.
  • Placement Assistance with Partner Companies.
  • 10+ Years of Training Experience.
  • Internship Opportunities.
  • Better Placements

Contact details:

Phone Number: 91-829-829-5419

Email: info@webliquids.com 

Website: https://webliquids.com

Address: SCO -114-115, 2ND FLOOR, SECTOR 34A, CHANDIGARH, 160034


Which is the best digital marketing course in Chandigarh?

Ans: All the top 5 institutes are amazing in Chandigarh city but from my perspective, Haryana School of Digital Marketing is better.

Who can do a digital marketing course in Chandigarh?

Ans: if you are a student (11th, 12th, or College), business owner, housewives

What is the duration of the online marketing course in Chandigarh?

Ans: The duration of the digital marketing course is five months.

What is the fee structure of an Internet marketing course in Chandigarh?

The fee structure completely depends on the institutes.


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