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How Can I learn SEO in India? Beginners Guide

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How Can I learn SEO in India

Just by reading the title “How can I learn SEO in India?”  You are here in this Guide that will make you really get an idea of why SEO exists and how it functions. If we jump into SEO to the conclusions and its functionality then you must be in a nutshell of where should I start, so let me take you on the complete guide of the SEO.

SEO is one of the key tools or I would say some sort of magic wand which if used perfectly and precisely then it brings fruitful results. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a practice to get your website on top ranks of Search engine Result Pages (SERP) by creating quality content and generating backlinks.  For getting organic website traffic and improving its quality engagement you really need to develop Good SEO skills.

Nowadays SEO is very different from the past when search engine results were only based only on the trending search not on the quality content. it was all straightforward, in the present Search results show very different bases like the first 3 or 4 results will be ads and further are organic results which are optimized by SEO experts.

In SEO you need to access basic information about it then proceed with it, so you know all the basics then it will be much easier to cope while you practice SEO.

Learning SEO will require your full dedicated attention and for that, you need to join a course of SEO that will be a must-do thing, so for an SEO course, we recommend you to join an offline course available near you. Because there you can personally assist and quick problem-solving.

Amazing Guide for How Can I learn SEO in India – Required Skill

Learning Search Engine Optimisation in India not a big task. In the today how can I learn SEO in India guide firstly i have talked about the some few skills that were required for all the students before doing the SEO Course In India. So, here the skills

Basic computer knowledge required: Its first requirement of Search Engine Optimisation that you have a knowledge about the computer.

Writing Skill required: If you wantrd to become a google SEO expert the first skill you need that is a writing skill. If you have knowladge of writing then SEO will easy for you.

Knowledge of WordPress (Website Creation): If you don’t have knowladge about the wordpress or website creation then you can not become a good SEO expert because website/ blog are main factor of search engine optimisation.

Knowledge of Domain and Serve: You must have a knowledge about the how to connect domain and hosting. its a required skill before the learn seo.

English required: I you. really become a good SEO expert then english is necessary for both side writng and reading but i wanted to clear that i you do not have english knowledge, no problem because you write blogs writing in hindi also.

Gain Knowledge about Search Engine like Crawling and Indexing: Before the learning SEO, please gain some knowledge about the Search Engines, SERP (Search Engine Results Page), Spider, Crawling and Indexing.

Basic Knowledge of Graphics and Video Editing: You have bit knowledge about the make graphics and video editing because in SEO you need make graphics images for blog posts.

Basic knowledge of Social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest: You have basic knowledge about soical media application for sharing the content.

Basic Knowledge of MS Word: You have basic knowledge of the Microsoft word because it will help you to write a blog pots.

Last but not least common-sense: Its a very very very necessary skill you must have before the learn seo.

A Beginners Guide of SEO – Learning SEO in India 

In the How Can I learn SEO in India firstly we need to understand Basics of search engine optimisation

SEO is Acronyms for Search Engine Optimization,  which means an important task that is used for creating quality content and organic website traffic by generating backlinks and tricks.

But SEO is so important for people as well as search engines and why is that because when people type and search by keywords about something on the internet they can get accurate results which must be useful and relatable. An SEO always seeks people’s interest which is needed for site usage and delivering perfect content. 

What if I say an SEO helps search engines the most because having access to users activity-based data so crawlers can collect site content and bring it to the user.

Search Engine

In this millennial era you and all of us grew up with the existence of Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex (Russia), Baidu (China), and these have become an important part of our tech life’s important part. 

 In definition a Search engine is an answering machine, for a query search engine bots called spider processed on term indexing and crawling brings the most useful content result.

Now let us inform you of the concept of “Organic result”. This organic result stands for those search results that have not been stated as paid results.

So as an example let’s take some keywords “top phones under 15000”, so here google picks up the keyword and brings some results. These results are mostly Disney 3 or 4 ads based on the keywords so this is a paid result to be directly linked to the product, then there are some text, picture, videos based content-based results that are considered as organic results.

But not to forget every keyword result on Search Engine Result Pages SERP has advertisements and organic results. If you type some product-related keywords then SERP will show ads and if you type some person’s name, or place name, then some generic result will be shown. and these are least affected and can be modified by SEO. 

Why is SEO important for a website? 

SEO is used for generating Organic results for websites. And deriving traffic by creating paid Ads, social media promotions, or other online platforms can’t bring as much traffic as SEO can. 

SEO is the best tool for websites that actually develop the whole environment which can lead to your website directly. It does not matter that a user searching for anything could be a simple query or product research if you have done SEO well then google prioritize your website and consider it useful. 

SEO enables all the active factors for google to consider your website quality content or service provider that makes your high ranking in search engine queries.

And optimizing your website according to google’s algorithm will be beneficial,  because current google per market dominance you can’t do wrong against then, even if you try to you’ll go out of the business.

Operating your site with proper SEO skills will help the site be properly indexed and the information and content will show in search engine results.

Whitehat and Blackhat SEO

When SEO techniques, practices, and strategies are abided by Google’s guidelines is called Whitehat SEO. Whitehat SEO is actually caring the most and optimizing the site according to that will be good for your site and it proves more value to the user,

Blackhat SEO is every technique and strategy that tries to bypass google’s guidelines or at least fool them, basically even if it works for a time but they mostly end up banned by search engines and go out of business. All this put the site at a tremendous risk of being penalized and de-indexed.

It is a well-explained reason for not to or be careful to hire a good SEO expert.

What is a Search Engine?

 Search engines are tools that help people to find information on the internet, for example, Google, Bing.

 And in the current state, Google is the dominant one that most people use, as per the market share of google it holds up to 92% in the current state. So you need to learn about Google, whenever we mention a search engine it is mostly mean about Google.

With the dominance of Google, you have to decide that in a typical state you work for google. 

 And we mentioned how it works and other processes down below.

How does Google work?

Basically Google process with 3 key main steps

Crawling: crawling is a process of google that scans all the internet web pages continuously. All this process is done by bots and crawlers, these are small programs that scan web pages contents and also updated pages.

Indexing: when websites are crawled and information is indexed. This is the process where google analyzes, understands the page, and stores it in the index. It is just there to show the results.

Picking the results: in this process when a user puts a query in the search bar, the search engine picks up the best result from the index and displays them on the result page. These pages are called search engine result pages (SERP).

And this is how google lends and displays results to the user.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the first step forward to understanding SEO for a beginner. Keyword research is all about developing and understanding the purpose of the content. In the search bar if you type some words, then the search engine additionally shows suggestions, this is where you start to learn to understand and optimize your content based on that.

Assume that you want to build a regular shop and store then without any local or people or locality understanding, you can not succeed to get profitable business, and all the investing will go to waste, so these without proper keyword research even if you want to provide best content, service or product, all the hard work will be wasted. 

So when you start to build content, doing proper research is a step you must follow.  Like you are a tech content provider, and your next article is about a newer version of OS. then you must research what kind of new features it has? how it is the best version compared to the last. So doing proper research will take your time, but in this, you get the whole picture about your content.

 When you are getting to start doing Search engine Optimization for a Business, get all the essential information like who are their customers, what are the goals, what are the business about. Because this is where you can do keyword research.

On-page SEO & Technical SEO

On-page SEO  has some of the best features that are quite relevant whenever you have to optimize your content, these are below.

Internal linking: Internal linking is very essential and effective for site content, and internal backlinking in SEO practice is quite important. Internal linking improves site crawling for search engines and it makes that very easier to find and index pages. For user experience it is very effective, it changes the whole UX and engagement quite easily. Internal links can improve site rankings, and any page should have direct access to the homepage.

Sitemaps: Sitemaps are useful to make a structured list of pages of a website which allows a site to be crawled by search engines. According to Google, sitemaps are useful for large websites of multiple pages, new websites that do have little or no backlinks, interlinkings, and also those that have large media files. 

HTTPS: HTTPS is really important to keep your site secure to keep under Google guidelines, and it is useful to prioritize your site’s visitors’ security.

Mobile device compatibility:  Your site must be mobile-friendly because in its current state is essential, and also to note all the requirements that a quality WordPress theme, good page layout, easy to navigate, readable fonts.

Good Page Speed: Your site’s page loading speed should be good because no one wants to stare at a blank page for more than 2 seconds. You should use good tools to optimize your page speed. Always use quality web hosting for your site.

Image Alt Text: Always be descriptive towards image alt text, and this is very important for UX point of view, and SEO. When a user taps on an image they should be able to identify what kind of image this is, and what it is about.

Link Building and Backlinks:  Backlinks are links that connect one page to another as Page A connects to Page B and vice versa. There is a direct correlation between quality and quantity of backlinks and ranking. Backlink improves site trustworthiness and page value and More backlinks in a site are better. For SEO backlinks are very important and in this quality resourced link to a certain page improves site trust. 

Backlinks are two type  

  1. Internal and External backlinks: Internal links are website pages interlinked and external links are linked to another site.
  2. Nofollow Backlinks: A no-follow link is a link that contains rel=nofollow  Attribute in its HTML code. 

Link Profile is a factor in SEO that describes all the links to your website, the quality of the link profile directly correlates with your ranking.

Analytics & metrics:  Analytics is a crucial part of Search engine optimization. It allows some of the best attributes to keep eyes on on-site activity and performance. Analytics is a kind of tool that allows you to develop your site how it should perform according to the users’ needs.

Search Console: With the help of the Google search console, you can figure out what kind of users are getting on your site, what their age group is, etc. Google search console: a search console is a tool from Google that allows you to monitor all the requirements, how it performs on webmaster.  In Google Search Console you’ll find 5 categories that are Clicks, Impressions , Page Experience , Links, Performance. These are very useful where you can see which page is most visited, and how it performs.

Conclusion:  How Can I learn SEO in India is the best short explanation that we’ve written. So if you are interested in getting into SEO search engine Optimization, And learning SEO via will take so much time we suggest you look into offline mode courses Nearby. Because with the guidance of experts you can achieve expertise in very little time, some of the queries are only solved in quick time, and in the SEO course you take will allow you to find every aspect of the course very well. So should join  


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