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What is SEO | How SEO Works & Different Techniques Used To Rank Higher

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When we talk about digital marketing we all go through a question that “what is SEO and how it works?”


What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process by which we can optimize a website and from the search engine result page we get the organic and un-paid traffic. Doing SEO makes your website and content more attractive in the search engine.

SEO is a little bit difficult because there are a lot of factors which leave an impact on the ranking of a website, but understanding SEO is easier. Now you may know that doing SEO is quite complex as you have to manage various things, this is because the search engine provides the best results to the users and only shows the relevant material to the users.

In order to provide the best result to the users, search engines will crawl your website to find out the relevant information for the users. The crawler will scan the whole site in order to find user-friendly information, navigation and then your site will get ranking.

If you are doing any business, then there are many benefits of SEO. You can expand your business as SEO helps in expanding the visibility of your business on the search engine result page. When you improve your SEO, this helps you to reach more people and get more customers. For all this, you have to focus on the SEO friendly content, so that you can get organic traffic.

Why SEO keeps on changing?

Earlier, it was very easy to get a website on the high rank or first page. People add keywords in their title, and modify the content and build backlinks and get ranked on search engines. But now, things have changed. Some black-hat SEO techniques and keyword stuffing will not make your website get ranked, now. It is possible that you can get your website ranked temporarily but when the crawler reaches your website, it will drop the ranking. To check out what are some advanced strategies Neil Patel is trying to implement before 2020

To get the most relevant result and for removing spam, Google always updates its algorithms.


SEO working process

After having a piece of knowledge on what is SEO, how SEO works is also important to know. Read on.

Keyword research

It is a process of searching and identifying the important keywords for a website. Doing keyword research requires some tools which help you to find the relevant keywords. You can use tools like KWFinder, SEMrush for SEO keyword research.


Analysis of the competition

Now you need to identify that, which other websites are in your competition. You can know this by using many some SEO software and competition analysis tools.


Website and SEO audit

Seo audit will give you an idea about your website that, what things you can improve in your website to get ranking on search engines. A website audit is very important when you go through off-page and on-page activities of your website. If you don’t know about the SEO and its fundamentals and the ranking factors, website audit and its assessments will be a very difficult process for you to understand. These audits are very important parts of the SEO process. For the website audit, there are many paid tools available.


On-page SEO

After the recent Google algorithm updates, adding only keyword content will not help you to get ranked on search engines. You have to know some on-page SEO tips and factors for this:-

  1. You have to write user-friendly, useful and original content.
  2. Your site should be mobile-friendly.
  3. You must update your site, regularly.
  4. URL and site structure does not matter a lot.
  5. The loading time of the site should be fast.
  6. Provide valuable content, not only keywords.


Off-page SEO

For the ranking and trust purpose, you need to create backlinks for your website. Creating backlinks yourself is not enough, but you have to earn some backlinks from the trusted and already ranked websites. Keep in mind that, if you build links with poor quality websites with thin content, your website will not get ranked.


Measure rank and update contents

Doing SEO is not a one-time activity. You have to update your content and also create new content, regularly. You have to monitor your website ranking and update the content; it will help you in maintaining the website rank. Also, there are many tools which help you in monitoring your website rank like SemRush, Webco.

Advance Techniques to improve your site ranking

The world of SEO is vast, so maybe the techniques you use now will not be helpful to you next year. So, if you want to get your website on high rank, you need to stay focused on the new techniques.

You have to focus from content to keywords and backlinks.


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So these are SEO techniques


Writing long blogs

Writing lengthy blog posts are one of the most important factors if you want to improve your searches and website rankings. When in a blog post, you cover the whole information about a particular topic; it will help you to get better rankings. So, you cannot ignore the length of your blog post.

There are a lot of searches to analyze the relationship between content length and website ranking. When we analyze the blog post on the first page of the search engine, we found that the post was 1890 words or more long.

But, just writing a lengthy blog post will not help you get guaranteed success. You need to maintain a balance between the quality and quantity of this technique in SEO.


Update the old content

For example, you wrote 2 years ago about the SEO techniques but now Google announced some changes in its algorithm, so you need to update the content.

Here, did you notice one thing, you do not need to write a new article but, get some changes in the article and add new information. You do not make new headlines. This technique is a very easy way to get new content in less time and your post get more reaches then earlier.



The reaches in your websites increase when you get links from a website with high domain authority. You can beat your competitors if you have a number of quality backlinks.

If you have a number of quality backlinks, you can get a higher ranking on a search engine result pages. It is the most important SEO technique that will give you direct result in sire rankings.

You can also get backlinks by approaching some social media influencers. Some other spammy sites also create backlinks with your website without asking you, such websites will create a negative domain authority and will affect your website. So it’s important to analyze all the incoming backlinks and remove the spam links to protect your website.


Focus on audience demands

Once you get to know about what your audience is talking about, the platforms from where the audience is coming, you will be able to decide your SEO strategy. For example, you can write a review of the market products, which are in demand.

You need to understand the audience and adapt it. You should reply to the comments on your post.


Internal links

To get the user on your homepage is not your only goal. Your goal should make the user spend more time on the website by reading your blog posts. By creating the internal links in your articles, you can achieve this.

If your contents are internally linked, it makes your website more effective. If you use this SEO technique, it will be easy for the crawler to get through your content and your older post will also get traffic.


Wikipedia links

Wikipedia is a platform where you can get quality backlinks opportunities. Search in the Wikipedia articles and put your backlinks there to get the traffic to your website.

You can also get high-quality backlinks from using the SEO techniques.


Better headlines

Your objective should be the ranking of the site with engagement. To get your site ranked, you must use the right keywords, so that your website posts get ranked. Do not stuff your blog headline with the keywords, as it may seem robotic. You need to have a better ranking with creativity.

You have to begin with a straight forward and creative headline. Make an SEO friendly headline, make put some relevant keywords into it.


Check your competitors

We all know about the competition but you can get an advantage through it. You can check your competitor’s keywords, that on which keywords they get ranked and then use the keywords.

You need to keep an eye on your competitor’s work and keywords and get the opportunities for growth. By doing this, you will now about the competitor’s strategy and also you learn a lot from them.

When you do all these things, you will do work get increased as you want to work better from them and you also get some new ideas for keywords.

Some tools like SemRush will help you to know about the competitors ranked keywords.

So here we end the article, now you know about what is SEO, how SEO works and some techniques that you should follow to get ranked.

Thank you.


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