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12 Top Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is An Excellent Career In India – 2022

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Why Digital Marketing

Are you wondering if digital marketing is the right career? Read this blog till the end, and you will know the top 10 reasons why digital marketing is an excellent career in India. If you want an exciting career in a highly growing sector, you must consider digital marketing.  

So, before getting started with the reasons, let us know first about digital marketing as a career.

Digital marketing is an excellent career with excitement, variety, and endless learning opportunities. In short words, digital marketing refers to a marketing strategy carried out on the internet. Also, it holds a great space and capacity for newcomers.

Undoubtedly, the internet is a massive part of our lives which means that digital marketers are always in demand.

Additionally, digital marketing is all about practical skills, and if you are looking for digital marketing as a career option, it requires exceptionally professional skills and abilities. Because in this booming era of the internet, digital marketing has become the spine of every industry, irrespective of genre. 

Before we jump into the details of why digital marketing is an excellent career, let’s check out the eligibility for a career in digital marketing and digital marketing as a career option.

Eligibility For Career In Digital Marketing

It has not been very long since the digital marketing industry has evolved. And the reason behind this is that in the first few years after the evolution of the internet, it was challenging to access it, and not many people were there on the internet. 

Therefore, there is no recognized degree and specific eligibility criteria for this stream in the education system. But, some institutes offer you certified digital marketing courses that can help you build a career in digital marketing.

Additionally, if you have an educational background in the commerce stream, it would help you grab good opportunities in the digital marketing career

Hopefully, institutions and Universities will be offering recognized degrees and master’s degrees in digital marketing in the coming years. 

Career In Digital Marketing – Pros And Cons

A career in digital marketing is opportunistic but challenging as well. It requires a specific set of skills and abilities in handling the digital content and manipulating it in the ways that can bring traffic or audience, influence them, convert them into leads, increase sales, and substantially more.

Who doesn’t want to work from anywhere with more flexibility and get paid well?

There are always two sides to everything, including digital marketing. This industry also has its pros and cons. 

Pros Of Career In Digital Marketing

The following are the pros of a career in digital marketing.

Youthful Career

The digital marketing industry is still relatively new and evolving rapidly. According to LinkedIn, the industry is growing every year, paying high salary packages, and has the most significant number of job opportunities.

High Demand

Every business requires digital marketing to attract new customers and retain them. This is why a digital marketing career is the most demanding in the year 2022.

Location Freedom 

Yes, you read that right. You can work from home, restaurants, offices, or anywhere in digital marketing. All you need for this job is a laptop and an active internet connection.


A career in digital marketing offers you extreme flexibility. You can choose works or projects that suit your time and your choices. All this comes down to what you want.

Pay Grade

Higher pay grades are one of the main reasons why a digital marketing career is popular in India is because the salary packages in this industry are highly lucrative. Even at fresher levels, digital marketers are paid higher than other jobs.

Cons Of Career In Digital Marketing

If you are passionate about your career and profession, you will not find it challenging to overcome the following cons.

Fast-Evolving Technology

If you get comfortable using a tool and the next thing you see is that it becomes outdated, you shouldn’t be surprised. Technology evolves and changes. Nevertheless, adapting to the new changes is essential to becoming a successful; digital marketer. 

Always Learning

Learning doesn’t ever stop when you are a digital marketer. You have to keep learning new things every single day. New strategies, technology, and industries will break you or make you better.

After reading these pros and cons, we can say that digital marketing as a career option is advantageous if pursued with patience and proper understanding.

Now let’s check out the top reasons why digital marketing is an excellent career.

Know Why Digital Marketing Is The Most-Demanding And A Great Career – 2022  

After reading the following reasons, you will surely understand why digital marketing is the most demanding and excellent career in India in 2022. 

No Specific Education Required

As mentioned above, you do not require any specific educational degree to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Digital marketing has its specific rules and terms. You can either learn from the digital marketing courses offered by many institutes. The internet is always another option; it is an excellent source to learn the basics of digital marketing.

The digital marketing course provided by various institutes can help you boost your career in this industry as there are many vital tactics and strategies developed after colossal research and studies on several cases, and these are not available on the internet. 

Since there is no specific educational degree for digital marketing, people from all streams can pursue this career. 

And for a smooth career in digital marketing, it is highly recommended to join digital marketing courses provided by various institutes across the country.


Digital marketing is an exciting and very interesting career. As shared above, it is like the spine of every industry, irrespective of the genre. And this is why digital marketing is the need for every business to make an online presence because of the vast audience here.

Digital marketing helps various businesses to reach a targeted audience to convey details so that a few people from that audience can be converted into actual leads. 

Now that you know that there is a demand for digital marketing in every industry, you can get clients from every industry. And this way, digital marketing will help you learn more about other industries. 

This feature allows cross-learning for both clients and marketers, which is why digital marketing is a fascinating profession. 

Therefore, one of the key reasons why digital marketing is an excellent option as a career is because you can get clients from many other industries, and building relationships with businesses allows consistency in work and projects.


Since the internet was evolving, the digital marketing industry has grown exponentially. And the expected audience on the internet in the next three years is 4-5 million people, which means more businesses going digital.

It is the most effective time to start digital marketing as a career when you know the flow of projects and clients will increase multiple times. Because in this booming era of the internet, more businesses and individuals want their online presence such that their services or products are purchased.

Additionally, with the fast development of the internet, the career in digital marketing is changing in terms of tactics and strategies. So, the people who want to pursue a career in this industry are advised to stay updated with the changing trends.

Staying updated with the new practices and strategies can help you boost your career and find endless opportunities. 

High-Income Opportunities 

Another reason why digital marketing is one of the best career opportunities in the future is that it opens the door for high-income packages. 

As discussed earlier, many businesses frame the different budgets to be spent on digital marketing these days. And if we talk about big businesses, reportedly, they spend 10% of their annual revenue on digital marketing. 

A career in digital marketing can help you make a tremendous amount of money, as now businesses are working smartly by investing in this marketing method. And it indicates good money-making opportunities for digital marketers.

Indeed, digital marketing is one of the highly paid professions in India. Also, the money factor is always considered an essential factor while opting for a career option, and digital marketing offers you a lot of work opportunities and sound money.

Less Crowded

Here is one more reason why digital marketing should be considered as a potential career option because this industry is less crowded. 

A career in digital marketing is highly competitive because not everyone opts for this as a career, and those who select it are as good or as bad as any other in the industry. After all, those who have chosen to sustain a digital marketing career must have gone through the learning of how this industry works.

Therefore, being less crowded, digital marketing opens doors of opportunities for newcomers and offers tough competition amongst all digital marketers.

Now when it is clear that there is a space for newcomers, there is the consistency of work, projects, clients and opportunities in this industry.

Freelance Opportunities

Now, you will know about the reasoning why digital marketing should be chosen as the mainstream profession. And it is because it allows you to work as a freelancer for offering digital marketing services.

A digital marketing career doesn’t offer jobs only, but also you can start your career as a freelancer. You can work individually as per your own choice and be paid well depending on your type of task.

But initially, working as a freelancer can be pretty challenging as the possibility of getting clients and projects might be low. But along with the passing time and growing experience, you will surely be able to manage and find great opportunities as a freelance digital marketer.


One of the many reasons digital marketing is an excellent career is that it allows you flexibility in work. This career option can benefit those who travel a lot and want to work according to their suitable timings. 

Undoubtedly, a digital marketing career requires hustle just like any other option, but the best part is that it allows you to hustle beyond the regular 9 to 5 timings. It indicates that digital marketing work doesn’t need a specific time slot as working hours.

Usually, digital marketing projects have particular deadlines, and therefore the people working in this field can devote desired hours of work at any time of the day.

Offering you extreme flexibility of time and place, digital marketing is a smooth and comfortable profession that you can pursue if you are passionate about work.

Creative Industry

A digital marketing career offers you opportunities in every industry because it can help businesses connect with a large audience. But the significant clients are basically from creative industries such as video content creators, bloggers, influencers and producers. Therefore this career option itself involves a lot of creativity.

Hence, you can show off your creative skills in this profession which makes a significant reason why digital marketing is a great career option.

Number Of Roles

One more reason why a digital marketing career should be your choice is that it provides numerous roles. This industry includes various marketing strategies and techniques that depend upon the client’s requirements and purpose. And this is how digital marketing offers you opportunities with numerous roles.

And with many roles, the possibility of job opportunities increases in any of these skills. All the marketing techniques and strategies such as email marketing, content marketing, referral marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and more have equal demand in the market.

Therefore, a career in digital marketing is one of the highly opportunistic career options for now. Also, it provides a space and multiple options for newcomers.

Master A Skill

For a career in digital marketing, you require various skills, including SEO writing, content writing, business communication, video making and many others. All these skills are required for specified purposes. If you master any of these skills, you will be able to pursue digital marketing as a career.

Depending upon the expertise level of any particular skill, you can work for other profiles that require the same skillsets for the job. And by mastering multiple skills, you will be able to earn money for different streams and jobs.

Ever-Expanding Industry

Indeed, digital marketing is an ever-expanding industry. 

It has only been a few decades since the internet started running actively among people. So, we can say that pretty much it’s just the beginning of the internet. And as long as the internet is there, people will continue to build their businesses, blogs, journals, websites, and more. 

Digital marketing is such a massive industry that right now, not even half of the digital marketers are present in the industry of what it could hold. And being an ever-expanding industry, it holds enough potential to be chosen as a career choice for newcomers and those who want to start their career in digital marketing.

Hence, this is why digital marketing will be an excellent career option in India in 2022.

Working With Reputed Brands

This industry allows the flow of new projects and clients, which is why digital marketing gives you chances to work with many reputed brands. And when you work with well-known and reputed brands, it is like promotion because this way, people start to trust your digital marketing agency or you as a marketer. 

Working with reputed brands can add weight to your profile and make your work system more authentic and trustworthy. Additionally, it increases your career because a single bigger brand can bring you numerous small brands as digital marketing clients.


Overall, here we have given you all the possible reasons why digital marketing should be your career choice. It is an excellent career with great future scope, but also it requires a lot of hustle, hard work, and passion. 

And suppose you are willing to pursue digital marketing as a career. In that case, it is recommended to learn marketing practices and strategies through certification courses provided by various institutes in India that will help you grab opportunities.

Hoping that the shared information is valuable for you. Looking forward to your comments about the blog.


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