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3 Best Digital Marketing Courses In Hansi – The Most Demanding Career in 2023

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Digital Marketing Courses In Hansi

Are you from Hansi and looking for the best digital marketing courses in Hansi to uplift your career? Well, we have got you covered. Here, we have created a list of top-ranked training institutes with the best digital marketing courses in Hansi to help you upskill yourself in digital marketing.

But before you hop onto the list directly, let us first explore why Digital Marketing Training is the need of the hour in today’s world.

Digital marketing uses various digital channels and technologies to promote products or services, build brand awareness, and engage with potential customers online. This includes tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, mobile advertising, and more.

The scope of digital marketing is vast and constantly evolving as technology advances and consumer behaviour changes. Digital marketing has become essential for businesses of all sizes as more and more consumers turn to the internet to research products and make purchasing decisions. With the rise of mobile devices, social media, and other digital platforms, digital marketing offers a cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences and drive conversions.

Undoubtedly, investing in a Digital Marketing career would be one of your life’s best decisions, opening the way for future success.

Furthermore, it is a dynamic sector with ever-changing techniques and trends calling for constant up-gradation of digital marketing skills by digital marketing experts. Therefore, it is essential to keep exploring and sharpening your claws through extensive digital marketing training.
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Benefits of Digital Marketing Career – Why You Should Pursue Digital Marketing Courses in Hansi 

Pursuing digital marketing career can be highly beneficial and it can offer you many benefits of pursuing digital marketing courses in Hansi, including:

In-Demand Skill Set

Digital marketing is a highly sought-after skill in today’s job market. By pursuing a course in digital marketing, you will develop skills in social media marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing, and more. Employers across a variety of industries highly value these skills.

Career Opportunities

With the rise of e-commerce and digital media, there are numerous career opportunities in digital marketing. Pursuing a digital marketing course can help you land a job in digital marketing and advance your career to higher positions.


Digital marketing is a field that can be done remotely, which means that you can work from anywhere in the world. This allows you to work from home or travel while maintaining your career.

Higher Earning Potential

Digital marketing is a highly-paid field with a lot of growth potential. Pursuing a digital marketing course can increase your earning potential and take advantage of the many career opportunities available.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving, and staying up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies is essential. By pursuing a digital marketing course, you can stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the job market.

Pursuing a digital marketing course can provide valuable skills, career opportunities, flexibility, higher earning potential, and the ability to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving field.

Knowing these benefits, you should know about the best available digital marketing courses in Hansi. However, one challenge in this learning experience is which digital marketing institute to choose from the overabundant list of courses available. Choosing a digital marketing institute can make or break your career as a digital marketer. This is why you need to be very careful while making the final decision about your course.

Here we are with the list of the top digital marketing courses in Hansi and the course details to help you choose better and push your career graph as a successful Digital Marketer.  

Let’s dive into the guide.

Top Training Institutes That Offer Best Digital Marketing Courses In Hansi

Below is the list of three digital marketing courses in Hansi that impart comprehensive learning on all the essential aspects of digital marketing. Check out.

Haryana School Of Digital Marketing – HSDM


Haryana School of Digital Marketing, also known as HSDM, is one of the most prestigious and best digital marketing courses in Hansi and India, synonymous with high-quality conceptual learning experiences.

Founded and run by one of India’s best digital marketing experts, HSDM has become one of the best digital marketing institutes in Hansi and all over India, with an exceptional placement record of more than four years of institutional success. 

HSDM’s highly interesting interactive sessions and hands-on learning through live projects help its students sharpen their Digital Marketing armour for a successful career as top-notch digital marketing experts.

The exhaustive course module by the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing is specially designed for easy and practical learning to gain comprehensive knowledge. It focuses on offering conceptual understanding through the latest tools, techniques, and strategies to make the students technically learn the necessary market skills to reach the peak of their professions as highly successful digital marketing professionals.

The teaching method offered by HSDM is the best in class digital marketing training with a valuable learning experience. They keep the maximum batch size of 10 students that facilitates 1-on-1 mentorship for better learning and problem-solving abilities making Haryana School Of Digital Marketing one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Hansi.

The faculty here is highly experienced, reputed, qualified, and friendly. Their proper guidance helps students explore skills and talents in the right direction to brighten their future career paths and transform them into market-ready digital marketing professionals.

Following are more details about the digital marketing course the Haryana School Of Digital Marketing provided. 

Course Highlights

  • Weekly test
  • Career Guidance
  • Weekly PPT session
  • Practical Training
  • Live Classes 
  • Extra Doubt Classes 
  • Interview Preparation
  • 5 months course duration
  • 100% Job Placement
  • More than 15 Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Paid internship
  • Free Paid Tools  
  • Recognized Certifications
  • Live Projects and Industrial Case Studies 
  • No Pre-recorded Video 

Course Content

HSDM provides you with 30+ advanced modules in its digital marketing course syllabus.

Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing
  • Effective platforms for promotions
  • Search Engine Basics
  • Key points of internet marketing
  • Basic terms used in digital marketing
  • Why are people moving into digital marketing?
  • Structure of Online Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Google Algorithm
  • Techniques and strategies to grow your business online with digital marketing
Website Introduction & Creation
  • Understanding the web and its functioning
  • Using CMS Panel and getting the hosting for the website
  • Understanding the need for a website
  • Choosing Great Domains
  • Creating a professional and elegant website on WordPress
Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Keywords Research & Planning
  • Search Engine Working
  • Link Building
  • Tools for SEO
  • Understanding Google Algorithm
  • SEO Site Audit
Search Engine Marketing
  • What is Google Adwords
  • Google Ads Campaign
  • Sale Campaign
  • Keyword Understanding
  • Search Campaign
  • Banner and Search Ads
  • Creating successful ads
Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook for lead generation
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Campaign Creation
  • Youtube Introduction
  • Growing Youtube Channel
  • Understanding Youtube Algorithm
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Promotion or ad creation
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
Ecommerce Marketing
  • Introduction Ecommerce Marketing
  • Ecommerce website SEO
  • Creating Google Shopping Ads for Ecommerce Website
  • Ecommerce sales through Facebook
  • Effective strategy plan for an eCommerce website
Email Marketing
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Sending Bulk Emails
  • Creating a newsletter for Emails
  • Increasing open rate of Emails
  • Using autoresponder
  • Email Marketing Tools
Mobile Marketing
  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Increasing downloads through Facebook Ads
  • Mobile Marketing platforms
  • Creating Ads for Mobile Apps
  • How to make a business from mobile marketing?
  • Effective mobile marketing strategy
Lead Generation
  • What Is Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Process
  • Creating Facebook Lead Generation Ads
  • Creating a Landing Page For Lead Generation
  • Adding Lead Magnet To Landing Page
Content Marketing
  • Understanding Content Marketing
  • Content Ideas
  • Content Creation for social media
  • How to Use Omni-channel Approach with content marketing
  • Creating Content for Website
Video Marketing and Editing
  • Basic Video Marketing
  • Basic Of Filmora /Final Cut Pro
  • Hacks Of Video Making
  • A-Z Video Editing
Affiliate Marketing
  • Concept of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to start earning with Affiliate Marketing
  • Difference b/w CPA and CPL
  • Finding Potential Products for Affiliate Marketing
  • Apply for Amazon Affiliate and Clickbank
Viral Marketing
  • Understanding About Trends
  • Creating Content to go viral
  • Searching Trends
  • Using Omni-channel approach
Google Search Console
  • Understanding Google Search Console
  • Crawl Stats vs. Crawl Error
  • Using Google Search Console to Increase Traffic
  • Removing Spam Backlinks from the website
  • Index Pages in Google Search Engine
  • How to Approve Adsense with Different Websites?
  • Placing ads on Your website
  • Easy Steps for Google Adsense
  • Money Making with Google Adsense
Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Checking User Behaviour
  • Tracking Traffic from Different SourcesData Analysing with Google Analytics
  • Using Analytics data for Retargeting
Photo Editing
  • Basics Of Adobe Photoshop
  • Crating Creatives
  • Basic Of Canva
  • Editing Images
  • Making Ads With Canva and Hacks of Canva
  • Understanding About Freelancing
  • Grabbing Freelancing Projects Easily
  • Getting Work from Freelancer and Fiverr
Online Reputation Management
  • Introduction of Online Reputation Management
  • Reputation Problems
  • Eliminating Negative Websites
  • Consumer Complaint Sites


To teach you different modules, HSDM offers you different faculties with expertise in their respective modules. The founder of HSDM, Mr. Dinesh Jangid will teach you SEO, SMM, Affiliate marketing, google ads, and Facebook ads. He has experience of more than 7 years in the above-mentioned modules and has trained more than 1000 students in these fields.

On the other hand, Mr. Pankaj Jangid sir will teach you about web designing with or without codes, and graphic designing through photoshop and illustrator. He has been working in these fields for more than five years.


After completing the digital marketing course for Haryana school, Digital Marketing will provide you with 9 Google, 2 HubSpot, 1 Facebook Blueprint, 1 Twitter, and 1 HSDM certificate. Details are given below.

9 Google Certifications
  • Google Adwords Fundamental
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Video Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Google Digital Sales Certification
  • Google Mobile Sites Certification
HubSpot Certificate
  • HubSpot Inbound certification
  • HubSpot Content Marketing certification
Facebook Certificate
  • Facebook Blueprint
HSDM Certificate

HSDM Certificate

  • Industry-Certified HSDM Performance Certificate

Books HSDM Provides You


After joining one of the best digital marketing courses in Hansi, the Haryana School of Digital Marketing will provide you with 9 Books. The name of these books is mentioned below:

  • Digital Marketing Book
  • Guide for Local SEO
  • Basics of SEO
  • WordPress SEO Guide
  • Keyword Research Book
  • How Search Engine Works
  • Link Building Guide
  • On-Page SEO Guide
  • Advanced Technical SEO Guide

Pros of Opting for their Digital Marketing Course

  • A significant benefit of studying with HSDM is the personalized learning experience. All trainers pay individual attention and are always there beyond working hours to help students with queries. 
  • Their digital marketing training aims to provide education so that knowledge learned from the classes can be used on various live projects. 
  • They give 100% placement assistance. It ensures that the students have a great start in their careers. 
  • This training institute is perfect for people interested in joining India’s digital revolution. It will give you the skills you need as a professional and help you understand the digital world in a different light. 

Course Duration And Fees

The duration of one of the best digital marketing courses in Hansi at HSDM is around five months. And the fee structure entirely depends on the mode of class you opt for, like whether you are taking classes online or offline. The course fee for the online class is INR 25000, whereas if you want to take courses offline, the payable amount will be INR 30,000.

Contact Details

Address: 1st Floor, Sco 36p, Sector 14 Pocket A, Hisar, Haryana 125001

Phone Number: 9509269864

Website: www.hsdm.in

Email: hsdm@gmail.com

Hisar Institute Of Digital Marketing (HIDM)

Another institute on the list of the best digital marketing courses in Hansi is the Hansi Institute Of Digital Marketing, also known as HIDM. This Institute is a venture of Jugaadin Digital Services Pvt. Ltd., offering a career-oriented digital marketing course to help students find their true potential.

Course Highlights

  • Provide internships 
  • Practical knowledge with job assistance.
  • Certificates of google, bing, and HubSpot affiliated certificates.
  • They also provide some essential free tools.

Course Syllabus

  • Website Designing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Blogging
  • Content Development
  • Search engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Graphic Designing
  • Email Marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing

Course Fees And Duration

The digital marketing course duration by HIDM is 4-5 months, and the payable amount for the period is INR 45,000. 

Contact Details

Email:- HIDMHisar@ gmail.com 

Address:- 7 E, Model Town, Hisar, Haryana 125001 

Quick Xpert Infotech

Quick Xpert Infotech offers multiple services, including training, consultancy, placement, and software development. They are known for putting their 100% effort into keeping their clients happy by providing timely detect-free delivery. And this Institute stands in the third position in the list of the best digital marketing courses in Hansi.

Course Highlights

  • Free Demo
  • Training From Experts
  • Learn from Basics
  • 80% Practicals
  • Job Oriented Course
  • Affordable Fees

Course Syllabus

  • Website Designing 
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • PPC
  • SEM
  • EmailEmail marketing
  • Content writing
  • Google Adwords
  • Social media advertising like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management)
  • Affiliate Marketing

Course Duration And Fees

The details about course fees and duration by Quick Xpert Infotech are unavailable. Kindly contact the Institute for more information.

Contact Details

Phone No.: 7506252588

Email: inquiry@quickxpertinfotech.com


In conclusion, taking digital marketing courses in Hansi can significantly benefit individuals and businesses in today’s digitally-driven world. By learning about SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and other digital marketing techniques, one can develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive online marketplace. 

With the help of experienced instructors and practical hands-on training, students can gain the confidence to implement effective digital marketing strategies to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and, ultimately, generate more revenue. 

Therefore, if you want to stay ahead of the game in the digital marketing industry, investing in quality digital marketing courses in Hansi is a wise decision.

Hoping that the shared information is valuable to you. Looking forward to your reviews and comments about the articles.


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